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Sidewinder Slot: A Player Hits It Real Big

Sidewinder Slot: A Player Hits It Real Big


Amazingly, a true revelation of this autumn – the Sidewinder slot game by JFTW – took our casino by storm! How so? WildTornado’s new player nicknamed DomRom122 became $47.873 wealthier after a 5 minute wandering in the retro world of Sidewinder!

What a great success!

How he pulled it off

DomRom122 was checking recently released games when he stumbled upon our review of Sidewinder. He was excited by the outcome of the test drive we gave this game, and this is what he said:


“I never miss a new game, especially one with good potential. And this time I was excited like hell by what you wrote guys about this game. I mean I found out that it treated you kindly and generously, so I kinda already loved it. And then it was bloody crazy!  Boy, I never saw so many wilds in a game, they just started to expand again and again! I couldn’t believe my eyes! I was screaming like crazy, my son thought I lost my sanity!“


Just to remind you, Sidewinder is the latest slot machine by Just For The Win – a well-known software gaming producer! Frankly speaking, the previously released games by JFTW were not bad, yet never special or outstandingly entertaining.


That’s why we were pleasantly surprised by what this provider did in Sidewinder. They sort of gave a new lease of life to a slot machine – an indicator that there is still a lot to expect from future slot releases.


Raising the bar by coming up with innovative features, that genuinely inspire and entertain  – this is what players want to see on the part of gaming software producers! And this is what Sidewinder, as far as we are concerned, is all about!


Stay tuned to our blog to be updated on the best of the latest games!

So what are you waiting for? Play Sidewinder at WildTornado straight away. Should you wish so, grab our Welcome Bonus: $3000 / 0,03 BTC +150 free spins!

Such good luck!