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crypto gambling online

Now, cryptocurrencies are a big thing in online casinos, the sweet places that keep treating gamblers to delicious Bitcoin bonuses, free spins, free crypto games, etc. From improved security to anonymity, cryptocurrency offers players numerous benefits. While the popularity of real money online casinos is on the decline, Bitcoin gaming websites continue growing in number. The selection of digital coins is also expanding, with online operators striving to satisfy the preferences of all sorts of bettors. Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash… and the list goes on. What coin makes for the best match for online crypto casinos? Keep reading to find out more!



The 21-century financial revolution transformed the way people pay for goods, services, online pokies, etc. Bitcoin is the force behind this revolution. As the most popular and valuable digital asset in the world, Bitcoin makes for the perfect match for online crypto casinos. It is speculated that Bitcoin will soar to over 100,000 dollars in value by the end of 2021, which has made gamblers incredibly thirsty for Bitcoin bonuses and entertaining BTC online pokies


Despite the hair-raising volatility that Bitcoin has demonstrated over the course of its existence, it remains the leader of the crypto market, with an astronomical growth runway expected in the foreseeable future. 


Bitcoin Cash


Just like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is based on the blockchain, the electronic ledger that stores all the transactions in the form of blocks. As over time, Bitcoin’s popularity soared, the speed of BTC transactions became noticeably slower, bringing increased transaction charges alongside. Bitcoin Cash was invented to solve those issues. As the size of its blocks is significantly bigger, it can store more data, resulting in speedier transactions and lower charges. 


With that in mind, BCH is also a great choice for online casino players.




Tether (USDT) may not be a name you have heard many times, odds are that you haven’t heard of this one at all. This digital coin, however, occupies the prominent third-place position in the market cap ranking. Unlike its peers, Tether is a stable coin, meaning that it is attached to fiat currencies – the euro or the dollar, for instance – to tackle the volatility issue faced by the most existing cryptos.


That said, Tether gives gamblers the anonymity, transparency, and security of crypto while also providing punters with the stability of real-world assets. 1 USDT, for instance, is usually nearly 1 USD, which makes things simpler and clearer compared to how the conversion rate between Bitcoin and the US Dollar is calculated. In other words, those small fractions of value may confuse casino players sometimes. Numbers such as 0.03, 0.04 may look pretty small, while in fact, if you have lost 0.03 BTC in an online pokie, which is equivalent to over 1,000 dollars, it is not a tiny loss whatsoever. Just to remind you, to minimize the risk of loss in games of chance, always play free BTC games before plunging into real betting action. The WildTornado online casino has lots of free games and requires no registration to access those.



While there are hundreds of digital coins out there, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Tether – all available at the WildTornado Bitcoin and real money online casino –  are perfect for gamblers. These cryptos have a lot in common, but, at the same time, each of them is unique in its own right. Simply decide what you need  – to play safe and opt for stability or to walk a high profit – high-risk path. Whatever you choose, may you thrive and have fun! The latter is what the WildTornado casino can offer you, bro! With a wide array of trending free slots (no download), a generous first deposit Bitcoin bonus, a multitude of cryptocurrencies, grab your digital wallet and join the masses of happy WildTornado players!