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‘Text’ BTC With The DropBit App From Coin Ninja

‘Text’ BTC With The DropBit App From Coin Ninja



There are cryptocurrency enthusiasts that keep being determined to make the world a much better place to live in. They have faith in the power of the financial revolution stirred by virtual money, and therefore they don’t fail to push the envelope in the realm of cutting-edge technologies.



A perfect example of such enthusiasts is Coin Ninja – Ohio’s startup comprised of the talented team of early Bitcoin adopters. Their strong commitment to doing their bit for the global adoption of BTC resulted in the DropBit app, otherwise called ‘Venmo for Bitcoin’.


With the app in question, people can acquire a new simplistic perspective of using Bitcoin. To be more precise, DropBit allows people to ‘text’ (send) Bitcoin to any person on Planet Earth who has a mobile phone in a matter of seconds.


Coin Ninja tried to get the idea across that sending and receiving BTC should be as easy as sending and receiving a text message. They emphasize the importance of such simplicity as those who are new to the crypto world are often deterred by the complexity of accessing dedicated crypto platforms. For instance, registration at Coinbase alone comprises 6 stages.


How to ‘text’ Bitcoin via DropBit App


In its essence, sending BTC involves three simple steps:



It is not even required that recipients have the DropBit app or any kind of a wallet installed on their devices. How so? They will be notified via the text that their BTC awaits them. And in order to obtain it, they need to get the DropBit app and have their phone number verified by entering  the code sent to them in a message.


Fantastically, there are no extra charges as  you only pay a regular fee for Bitcoin mining. Furthermore, DropBit is intended for both Android and iOS users.


Lastly, in the following months, Coin Ninja is planning to incorporate the powers of Lightning Network in the DropBit app, which will make it possible to make payments between the app’s users instantly and at a cheaper rate.


To conclude, ‘Venmo for Bitcoin’ sounds simply fantastic, and so does  the comprehensive collection of BTC games at the WildTornado Casino. So grab your phone and tap into great opportunities of the 21 century!


Best of luck!