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Best dApps 2019 Listed: Earn Crypto Right Now  

Best dApps 2019 Listed: Earn Crypto Right Now  

DApps Explained


It is no wonder that more and more people choose to capitalize on the incredible power of so-called dapps (decentralized applications) these days. These pieces of software are not only



brimming with amazing opportunities for you, including saving you a whole lot of money, but they also honor your freedom by making sure no one controls your actions in the digital world. Basically, this is called ‘decentralization’ and the technology behind it amazingly rescues people from informational-and-financial slavery they’ve been kept in for decades on end.    


When using the services of a certain platform, you are compelled to accept the policies of third parties that control such platforms. Of course, such parties make rules that benefit themselves. On the other hand, smart contracts within decentralized applications provide all necessary standards, and as such, they substitute for the wretched third parties with style and panache. 


Furthermore, due to the attribute of absolute transparency that blockchain entails, all the operations that occur on dApps can be verified by you at any given time. That said, you can be sure there is no one who can deceive you or treat you unfairly in any way. 


Although initially, dApps were conceived as a means to do without mediators while making financial transactions, now they embrace multiple areas of the economy, offering people more value and freedom. And what is absolutely amazing about decentralized applications is that, apart from the benefits described above, they can bring you financial rewards! The rewards in question come in the form of tokens, which you can, in turn, trade for real money. This is absolutely good for you, isn’t it? Well, this is a win-win for both sides as in this way, the platforms get fair wind to their sails and push their native tokens forward.


Without further ado, let us round up the most inspiring dApps projects that prove to be cresting on a wave of demand and as such, they may be well worth your attention!


1. Brave Browser



Brave is a browser that proves to brings a wide range of killer features to the table. 


First off, it takes care of your privacy. Unlike its famous counterparts – Google, Mozilla, and the likes of them, that keep track of your online behaviour, and as a result, bombard you with respective ads, Brave blocks ads, and eliminates tracking. To put things into perspective, those ads and trackers cost a mobile user $23 per month on average.  


Then, Brave enables you to choose what you want to see, and on top of that, such personalized viewing will generate BAT tokens for you. The bottom line is that with such an approach, the money from ad owners will not jump into the pockets of advertisers, but straight into your own, where it belongs. Lastly, the interests of content owners are also taken care of as they can get BAT rewards from users that frequent their channels.


It is estimated that Brave Browser has about 5 million visitors per month.



2. Peepeth


With the motto ‘Let’s make social media a force for good,’ Bevan Barton creates a sort of enhanced Twitter’s sibling and dubbs his creation ‘Peepeth’. 


The platform encourages you to post mindful content, allows for tipping, promotes charity, eliminates ads, as well as enables you to own your data, meaning no one can remove or edit your content. 


On Peepeth, likes are not dished out mindlessly as it often happens on other social media sites. Instead, there is a button ‘Ensō’, with the help of which you acknowledge the posts that you like.


Ensō’ is a circle-shaped zen symbol that manifests expression, anti-inhibition, and free and creative mind.


What makes ‘Ensō’ absolutely unique and special is that you are entitled to use it only once a day and the posts that are honoured to receive ‘Ensō’ will keep it forever (no ‘undo’ option). Now, you can imagine how you are incentivized to write genuinely insightful and dignified content on Peepeth. As Benet Barton put it:


‘What you post on Peepeth cannot be removed. So be your best self. Add something thoughtful (or funny) as your “message to the world”. Buy a charity badge. Showcase values you’d like to spread in your posts. Your words truly have an impact. So share what matters, and reward the truth!’





LBRY is a platform that, due to a mix of impactful features, may well sound a death knell for a giant video-sharing site, YouTube. Do you think we are pouring it on thick? Check out the following and judge for yourself!


To start off with, YouTube is notorious for de-monetizing your content if, at the discretion of its authorities, it contains materials that take the wind out of the sails of advertisers. Let’s not forget, YouTube is an ad-oriented platform that will put the needs of advertisers first. On the flip side of the coin, with LBRY, the coast for your creativity and ideas is perfectly clear as your videos are not subject to any kind of approval procedure. 


Then, the platform enables you to decentralize your videos, which means that you post them for free, set your pricing, and pocket 100% of your profit. This approach is a far cry from the one implemented by conventional companies. For instance, iTunes’ will ‘rob’ you of 30% of your gain if you decide to sell your content via this app.  


What else does LBRY have in store for you? Well, if users find your videos useful, you will be treated to LBRY tokens. The content you are welcome to share includes music, video, images, ebooks and podcasts.



4. Storm Play



Do you have a minute or two to spare, say, while standing in a queue to pick up coffee or going to work on a bus? If so, start earning Bitcoin, Ethereum or Storm tokens by simply having fun on Storm.


To tell you more, with Storm, a blockchain-based gamified platform, you can earn cryptocurrency for completing a variety of micro tasks such as trying out new games, taking part in short surveys and watching videos. In other words, give a little of your time, have fun and get paid for it all, with no investments from you required! 


Final words…



It is safe to say that there are still people who wonder: ‘What is dApp?’. Before long, however, it seems that this word will be picked up by each and every sane person. The point is whether you start benefiting from decentralized applications right away  – by amassing crypto at its current price and due to its growing value, get big gains pretty soon or a massive profit in the longer term, or let great opportunities pass by.

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