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Text Bitcoin And Other Crypto Via Facebook Messenger

Text Bitcoin And Other Crypto Via Facebook Messenger


Lite.IM is a revolutionary project from the Zulu Republic, a devoted advocate of cryptocurrencies and money freedom. The announced mission of the project is to make crypto payments commonplace everywhere on planet Earth, regardless of people’s place of residence and their technical abilities. To this end, Lite.IM chose to tap into the power of smartphones combined with social media.




This time the company’s groundbreaking technological tools managed to reach and benefit the Facebook community. To be more specific, the users of one of the biggest social network sites are able to send and receive Bitcoin, along with some other cryptos (specified below) simply via Facebook messenger. In addition to this, the privacy of personal information is guaranteed. With that being said, by means of the latest encryption tools, the team of Lite.IM took every measure to ensure that middlemen, such as Facebook or the like, will not get access to sensitive details of those capitalizing on this new feature of Facebook crypto texting.



It is announced that as for now there are 4 coins that can safely travel from one Facebook account to another, namely: BTC, ETH, LTC, and Zulu Republic’s own child, ZTX.



As a matter of fact, before joining Facebook messenger, Lite.IM had already achieved a couple of feats. Firstly, it incorporated their services into Telegram. Secondly, it also made it possible for cryptocurrencies to be sent and received via traditional SMS messages. The latter is considered to be a major accomplishment as it implies that even people who own the simplest kind of mobile phone can easily text cryptocurrency, irrespective of whether or not they have the internet access.



What future holds



Lite.IM has announced that this is only the start and in the foreseeable future as they are going to come up with a myriad of new features. Some of them include stepping foot into digital grounds of other social sites and making provision for more cryptocurrencies.



In fact, the idea of utilizing existing social platforms – in particular giants like Telegram and Facebook – for making crypto text transactions, appears to be a highly sound approach. The bottom line is that most of the global online community is drawn to these platforms on a daily basis, meaning there is no better place for the extensive outreach of Lite.IM’s services. Consequently, it speaks volumes of how profoundly it can stimulate a mass acceptance of digital money. Another argument is that statistically, people do not use more than 9 apps a day. This implies that much fewer people would have opted to infest their phones with a new application.



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