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€30,000 Lottery Gift, a chance for all players


When it comes to the aspirations of winning the lottery, an old and funny, yet very didactic, parable comes to mind. What we mean here is a story about a poor and very devout man who had spent 50 years most devotedly and ardently praying by asking God for a single thing to bestow on him. The man begged for a lottery win.

We bet you remember the end of the story, which mentions that when the angel finally had mercy on the poor creature and called on God’s compassion, the Lord’s response was crushingly poignant. “I would willingly help, but the man has not ever purchased a lottery ticket”, God related.

As funny and sad as it is, the story reminds us not to forget and to restlessly do something about our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. And, hopefully, remembering it will spare us from having many blooming years wasted, sweet dreams grown rusted, and lives lived mostly in vain.

By the means of the above-mentioned compelling preamble, we have to lead you to the absolutely fantastic news. It is all about your efforts, and how incredibly they could be rewarded at WildTormado Casino:

You make a deposit at WildTornado and get lottery tickets for free!

In this way, not only do you embrace an opportunity to enjoy your game’s prizes, but also you gracefully hook the chance to become one of the luckiest lottery winners.

As you can see, WildTornado is determined to save you the bother of buying your lucky lottery tickets, we will eagerly present them to you and wish you good luck!

How the lottery works?

  1. With every single deposit, you receive your tickets.
  2. You carry on playing and having the time of your life.
  3. You keep an eye on the number of tickets on the Bonus Page of your account area.
  4. As August 31 is the date, when randomly, the system will choose 300 fortunate winners to share €30,000, you, with bated breath, can expect to see your name in the list of victorious players and get your winnings.

How many tickets can you get?

The more you deposit, the more tickets jump into your pocket, and thus, the more chances you have to scoop good winnings.

We’ll eagerly break it down:

So why not to kill two birds with one stone? WildTornado makes it possible for you to emerge not half victorious!

We relish creating more opportunities for you at WildTornado. Try your luck with the Lottery and be a winner!

P.S. WildTornado casino is unequivocally dedicated to providing every single player with hours of gaming thrills, lavish gifts intended to invigorate the game inducing bigger winning odds, the playtime during which all the needs, preferences, and aspirations are satisfied, as well as the coziest gambling environment where players can feel at home.

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