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Samsung’s Galaxy S10 to Support Bitcoin and Other Cryptos

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 to Support Bitcoin and Other Cryptos


The news about the functions supporting cryptocurrencies in the hyped upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 took the tech community by storm. The celebrated South Korea-based smartphone maker

revealed these happy tidings at Mobile World Congress in Spain that took place this week.


As digital money has become an inseparable part of 21-century reality, it is no wonder that the world’s mobile-making giants are seeking to adapt their cutting-edge gadgets to the growing demands of the modern age era. While the crypto mobile ball was got rolling not by Samsung, the news that the smartphone industry leader has joined the Blockchain bandwagon was met with a storm of enthusiasm. This enthusiasm is based on the fact that cryptocurrency is finally given a strikingly great chance of reaching to millions of people across the planet.


Supported crypto features


The imminent mobile flagship, Galaxy S10, is claimed to boast a cold storage wallet that supports 2 major cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. 2 other crypto assets incorporated into the gadget are less known coins  – Cosmo and Enjin. While the former has to do with beauty services, the latter is the offspring of the cryptocurrency gaming company.


Samsung appears to be one of a handful of phone producers that have come out with innovative digital currency solutions, and its crypto move is likely to bear upon its market counterparts. Previously, these were HTC’s Exodus and Sirin Lab’s Finney that blazed the track for crypto-optimised smartphones by offering wallets for coins storage.


Currently, crypto smartphones are about cold wallets and decentralised applications. However, they have not yet embraced the possibilities for users to possess their digital identities. All in all, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is a huge step towards the informational and financial independence of human beings.


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