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How to Win While Playing Video Online Slots

Video Slots Online

Online slots have a strong reputation for being the brightest and most fun games to play online. However, when it comes to landing the hefty prizes that they have to offer, it doesn’t seem to be an easy task whatsoever. That’s why not only should all the players rely on the charm of lady luck, but also on smart slot strategic moves, which are very likely to significantly increase your winning chances.

So we’d like to have your attention, please! As of today, WildTornado – a top-rated online Bitcoin casino, is ready to share 6 powerful tips that you need to keep in mind if you have to successfully win in slots. Trust us, these strategies and tips are easy and straightforward to master!

Tip 1

Make sure your bankroll is under control

A quick and random question to any seasoned player(s) on the best strategy to win while playing online will result in one answer; it’s important to have a good bankroll strategy that will help effectively plan how to spend money at the casino.

Yet, deciding upon a bankroll and realizing how much you are ready to put into a slot, is only the first step to be taken. We strongly recommend that you look at the game you wish to play and how it relates to your bankroll.

In case your budget is rather small, you can’t afford to play ludicrously high bets. That’s why make sure your bankroll is in line with the slot’s game bet limits. Thus, you don’t end up being frustrated after a 15 minute of unreasonable playtime. Remember, you can only have fun while playing for long and this can only be achieved by stretching your bankroll for the longest time.

Tip 2

Focus on a fixed maximum payout

When it comes to your winning prize when playing video slots, there are two types of video slot games; progressive jackpots and the fixed payout slots. Those with a progressive jackpot have a prize that’s ever-accumulating, while the fixed payout slots have a fixed top prize.

The temptation of progressive slots is huge, and it’s hard not to succumb to it while envisioning yourself as one of the new multi-millionaires. However, given how the system of the progressive jackpot work and the number of players trying to become millionaires too, chances of hitting this much-coveted prize are low.

Thus, it makes sense, as far as your profit is concerned, to channel most of your attention into the games offering a fixed maximum payout, and once in a while put the progressive jackpot slots on the back burner.

Tip 3

Choose games with the smallest jackpots

If you have to go for the jackpot slots, you’d rather go for those with the smaller jackpots instead of the progressive ones.

In all honesty, it’s simple and easy to understand – the lesser the amount offered by the jackpot slots, the higher the chances of winning and the reverse is true! The only trick to increase your chances of winning this jackpot is having a good bankroll management system.

Tip 4

Keep away from video slot games

It’s quite obvious that video slot games are much more thrilling and entertaining as compared to the classic themed slots. This, thanks to the technology used to design and develop these games, has made more people gravitate towards video slot games.

Yet, despite their state-of-the-art features, statistics indicate that these machines offer a much less return than good old 3 reel ones. To put it in numbers, it might be up to 5% less payback sum, which is a significant loss as far as slots are concerned.

You’re wondering why so, aren’t you? The reason is the videos and special features on slot games require more time to display. Consequently, the lost time translates into the lost income for the casinos. Therefore, video slots are set up to charge the players a bit more when they are spinning these thrilling reels.

So, it doesn’t take a lot of mental exertion to conclude that putting classic slots on the very front burner is a sensible move in a direction to increasing the game payout.

Tip 5

Choose slot reels with outstanding bonus rounds

Another great idea that is bound to contribute to your bankroll is to pick the game with fruitful bonus rounds, scatters, free spins, wilds, and opportunities to multiply your winnings. Thus, your bet, however small, will reap bigger rewards.

So do your research and be rewarded!

Tip 6

Get a good feel of the slot playing it free of charge

Getting familiar with the slot and developing your personal strategy involves exploring its pay lines, paytable, bonus opportunities, etc. That’s why embarking on a test drive can make all the difference before pouring your own cash into a slot, and multiple casinos will fuel this drive by offering free spins bonuses. WildTornado casino is no exception, however, its free spins bonus offer blows all the rest out of the water.

Sign up now and get as many as 25 free spins for such a great testing journey, that well might go great guns and land you a win!

The bottom line

Now, you are perfectly equipped with valuable advice on landing honest-to-goodness wins! And on top of all that is said, WildTormado will only suggest adopting the winning mindset and let all this together do the trick!