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Hugo 2: One of the best iGaming sequels

Hugo 2: One of the best iGaming

When our lives stay as is and don’t evolve with new stages, naturally, we start feeling bored and disinterested. Our minds are perpetually in a dire need of excitement and enjoyment, they don’t want to grow rust, and instead long for the reinvigoration that comes from something fresh and new. Therefore, it hardly comes as a surprise that industries like cinema, literature, technology, etc., are constantly striving to amaze us and capture our attention by serving a new dish stimulating our interests constantly.

As it stands, the thrill reaches its highest burning point when it comes to sequels – follow-up movies, books, and, of course, follow-up slots are no exception. Needless to say, when you are exposed to something thrilling, you will definitely crave for more, ardently expecting the continuation, the prolongation of elated feelings and emotions that you experienced earlier. That’s why when in the realm of iGaming, a spin-off to a thrilling game is released, slot aficionados will get to online casinos in droves in search of yet another part of the beloved story.

In fact, while some game sequels manage to live up to the expectations of players, with being fascinating, or even surprisingly surpassing their predecessors, others seem to be a bit of disappointment, if not a shameless disgrace to the previously worshipped names.

Let us bring to your attention a fabulous slot duo – “Hugo” and it is by no means a disappointing sequel “Hugo 2”. Players around the world lost their gambling hearts to a cute little troll coming from Play ‘N Go’s creative kitchen!

When the game is fascinating and its sequel is mind-blowingly awesome!


As a matter of fact, every adult has a little child-like spirit and is rarely able to say no to a trip across mysterious countries full of mysterious dwellers. Being perfectly aware of this, the Play ‘N Go wizards derived their inspiration from Hugo, a well-known Scandinavian TV show for kids, and incorporated a cuddly and charming troll named Hugo to the slot game with an identical name. That said, players are not only bestowed an opportunity to live a great adventure with magical creatures but they also are promised incredible and rather attainable winnings in Hugo.

Theme and graphics

Although Hugo goes through some tough times as his beloved wife is held hostage by the wicked witch, he keeps up such an upbeat spirit throughout the game which manifests itself in an ever-luminescent toothless smile. With a captivating cartoon appearance, Hugo is a real eye candy character, and the more winnings you make, the more fascinating animation opens up to your delight. You are bound to be charged by a tone of positive energy radiated by the slot. Such a commendable theme execution!

Slot structure and features

All the action takes place on 5 reels and 3 rows. Players can take advantage of up to 10 pay lines and bet from a low of $0.10 to a high of $100 per spin.

What is really fascinating about Hugo is that it’s a medium variance game with a decent RTP of over 96% that delivers an awesome mixture of truly big and smaller payouts that come from a myriad of amazingly delicious slot features:

Hugo 2

It was not too long until Play‘N Go decided to indulge Hugo slot fans with its fascinating sequel, Hugo 2. In all honesty, Hugo 2 took slot buffs by storm, and even those who were not crazy about the Danish troll, could not help succumbing to the charms of both a quirky silly creature and the upgraded version of more lucrative features in Hugo 2.

Theme and graphics

This time Hugo embarks on a daredevil search for the riches that were shamefully looted by the cunning Afskelia. The old mine waits to be explored and the golds wait to be unearthed in a fantastically magical way. With even sleeker cartoonish graphics, Play ‘N Go doesn’t fail to amaze by showcasing the wonders of technological advancement in this much-anticipated sequel.

Special features

While having the same structure and betting options as its predecessor, Hugo 2 favorably stands apart from Hugo offering players incredibly fruitful bonuses:

Being dubbed as a highly volatile game, Hugo 2 is an extremely fun, risky, and potentially lavishly rewarding slot. The free spins game and generous multipliers make the game a genuinely sought-after slot, which, as we reckon, is a must-play sequel for all ambitious slot players. Apart from this, every spin potentially rewards 5,000 the bet!

WildTornado invites you to grab your cash prizes while going through 2 thrilling stages of Hugo’s adventures in the fascinating Hugo slot and the rewardingly aggressive Hugo 2!

May the best of luck be with you!

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