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Online Casino Slot Machine Strategies

Slot Machine Strategies

Unlike blackjack or poker, slot machines are easy to master. They don’t require any special skills from players. At the same time, they are capable of multiplying the player’s wager thousands of times. How to win at slots? Are there any special online slot strategies? We hear you ask.


Well, when it comes to bagging a valuable winner at slots, being informed is power. Even though these games are random, if you consider our tips on how to make a profit at one-armed bandits, you will be able to increase your winning odds substantially:


Know the game’s RTP


Who doesn’t love real money games centered around fascinating themes, such as dragons, Egyptian treasures, or daring Vikings? Well, lovely spinner, even though it’s important to have fun playing the game that is visually impressive and atmospheric, the slot’s bells and whistles are not the first things you have to pay attention to when choosing a profitable game. What you need to check first is whether or not the RTP (Return to Player) rate the selected game runs on is favorable enough to provide you with decent winning chances. The higher this rate, the better. Anything that comes with the RTP that is below 96% is hardly worth your time and money!


Decide on your budget and choose your game accordingly


There is another effective online slot strategy we would like to share with you, and this is related to the type of the game’s variance. Let us explain!


Depending on the sum that you are ready to spend in one session, you can maximize your winning odds by choosing the game that is compatible with your budget.



Even though low variance slots tend to deliver much humbler rewards compared to the prizes produced by high variance creations, they pay reasonably often. This means that choosing low variance slot machines, your smaller bankroll will most likely last a long time. You will also stand a good chance to pick up a valuable reward. 


The best low variance slots to play are:




Bigger bankrolls, on the other hand, are the best match for high variance games. To be clear, you can expect far less frequent, yet significant, rewards when spinning the reels of high variance slots. 


Top high variance slots:



Take a look at the paytable


Every slot game consists of regular symbols and special signs, and they come with their own value. Make sure that the symbols on display are valuable enough to wager your cash on them. Plus, check what kind of special signs the game offers. Does it have wilds and scatters? How are free spins triggered? What symbol or bonus game is the key to the biggest payouts in the selected slot?


Play free slots


There is no better way to test the slot’s waters than tapping into a free version of the selected game. Some online casinos, such as the celebrated WildTornado cryptocurrency casino, offer you to play games in demo mode, where you can enjoy an unlimited number of free spins. As you play with fun money, rather than real cash, it’s quite clear that you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings. By playing free slots, however, you can build your betting strategy, understanding with what frequency the bonus games are triggered, and decide whether the game is profitable enough for you to wager your hard-earned money on it.


Use online casino bonuses

Everyone dreams about winning at a slot, without spending a penny. Well, this dream may come true if a player knows how to find lucrative online casino bonuses and use them properly. From free spins to match bonuses and lavish welcome gifts, there are plenty of gifts that you can receive as a member or a new player at a casino. Cryptocurrency casinos are perhaps the best places to search for profitable bonus offers. For instance, Bitcoin slots at the acclaimed WildTornado cryptocurrency casino are paired with extra generous bonuses, allowing crypto spinners to make the most of the industry’s trendiest games. Hop to the casino’s bonus page and see for yourself! 


It’s time to inject our top slot tips into your real gaming experience, play slots, win real money, and enjoy your playing time to the fullest!