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Slot Games: Originals or the Spinoffs?

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The online casino industry shares a lot of similarities with the movie business in that both industries rely heavily on big releases, special effects, and even glamour. And increasingly, the slot industry shares something else with Hollywood; heavy dependence on sequels.

You’ll agree with us that having watched an entertaining film, you’ll want to jump to the next opportunity to view its spinoff and more often than not you’ll always be entertained! This is what also happens in video slot games. There are plenty of sequels that we offer at WildTornado Casino as well as their originals and thought it wise to give them a try before writing this short review.

Thunderstruck vs Thunderstruck 2

Thor is a renowned Norse god who has inspired a series of movies and several video slots including the classic Thunderstruck video slot game from Microgaming before coming back to inspire the sequel Thunderstruck II. Both games have proven to be something to online slots players. But why are they so popular? We take a look at them; comparing their similarities and differences.

What Do Both Games Share In Common?

The main thing, of course, is the Norse theme that features Thor as the main character. The Norse civilization, just like the Romans and Greeks, were great mythologists, and the legend of Thor, who is the mighty God of Thunder, is their greatest myth. This is why Microgaming chose to use him as their main character in both games.

Besides that, both games have 5 reels, in-game features such as scatters, wilds, and multipliers. If you are looking to play for real money, you’ll be pleased to know they both offer real money payouts for winning combinations too.

Any Subtle Differences?

Of course, there are subtle differences. The original Thunderstruck slot was developed in the early 2000s while the sequel was developed only recently. So, you would automatically expect differences given that years have already passed between them.

While Thunderstruck 1 featured only 9 pay lines, the sequel has the unique 243 ways of winning. In many other ways as well, the sequel is a more complex and bigger game than the original version.

For instance, while the original game focuses exclusively on Thor, the sequel introduces other Norse heroes Valkyrie, Loki, and Odin.

While Thunderstruck 1 only features one free spins game that comes with 15 free spins and a 3× multiplier, Thunderstruck II has four different free spins games, each named after the four gods. Furthermore, there are more add-ons to the bonus game such as the rolling reels and wild magic features.

There are plenty of other in-game differences, but we hope these ones give you the overall idea of why the sequel has overtaken the original in popularity.

Aztec Magic vs Aztec Magic Deluxe

Aztec Magic and Aztec Magic Deluxe are slot games developed by BGaming themed on the ancient world of the Aztecs. Relic hunters will enjoy playing these games because they transport you to a mysterious world where superstition and tribal imagery rule and wild animals roam freely on the reels. You’ll find the atmosphere intense as you spin the reels that are filled with precious artifacts and Aztec dwellers.

What Do They Share In Common?

Well, besides the Aztec theme, the games have a serene background scene of engraved stones and lush green leaves, coupled with the wild animals on the reels to transport you straight to the world of the Aztec jungle. Both games also feature numerous special symbols that let you unlock special bonus rounds and the opportunity of winning more money.


Besides the exciting in-game features, players will want to play Aztec Magic Deluxe more than the original version. The game was developed with upgraded 3D visuals, improved performance across all mobile devices, and includes two extra pay lines for increased winning opportunities.

Platinum Lightning vs Platinum Lightning Deluxe

As we’ve mentioned already, the Norse mythology theme is a trending theme in the online casino industry. It has also been trending in other forms of media too, more so with the success of the Vikings TV show and Thor: Ragnarok. And as you’ve seen in our review, Thor is no stranger to the slots industry, he’s been a legend for years and is still revered in several games including Microgaming’s Thunderstruck II. But BGaming has brought the battle to Asgard with its two releases, Platinum Lightning and Platinum Lightning Deluxe.

What do they share in common?

These two BGaming Slots share so many things in common than the differences. For instance, they both have similar symbols based on mythological characters. A Neptune, Medusa, Poseidon, Zeus, the Minotaur among others. In both games, Zeus is the scatter, while the ship is the wild symbol. The Minotaur is the bonus symbol and is responsible for triggering the bonus round. The gameplay is also the same in both games.


Platinum Lightning Deluxe comes with several nifty features including sleek graphics, improved mobile compatibility, and most importantly better multipliers on your bet.

Sequels Rule!

Comparing original games with their sequels, it becomes evident why the latter score fairly better. New releases are usually more visually appealing and as a rule, deliver a better gaming experience than their predecessors, both in terms of payouts and features.