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A Mind-blowing Blackjack Win at WildTornado

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The best bus ride of his life. Meet Timothy who won €5K on his way to work!

Wild Tornado player wins €10,759 on a €300 Bet on NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack on July 6, 2018

Who said that bus rides always have to be boring? It sure wasn’t Timothy who got a lucky break on his way to work while playing NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack. Our friend, a retired plumber, shared with us how he won a mind-boggling €10,759 on a €300 bet whilst playing at Wild Tornado Casino.

The best commute of his life

Timothy remembers listening to his favorite playlist on his smartphone and playing American Blackjack at the same time while on the bus on a typical Friday morning when this lucky break happened.

‘It is by far the best commute of my life in 25 years. When I saw my account balance shoot up to €10,759, I couldn’t help but jump up in joy. I reckon jumping up shouting so happy and full of energy that I scared the lady seated next to me.’

How did he manage to pull such a feat?

Well, Timothy had cashed in a $300 check the previous day, and he decided to give his favorite game a try by using the cash. We didn’t think anything of it until the man scooped the vast fortune of €10,759.

The cool story about this lucky winner is that he completely disregarded the use of basic blackjack strategy, splitting when he shouldn’t, and doubling when he shouldn’t until he won. And unlike most of the players who continue to play until they lose, Timothy opted not to push his luck too far and quit while he was still ahead.

Take a trip down to Turkey with his wife

Ecstatic about this impressive win, Timothy has two feasible ideas for spending the money that he has already been paid.

‘We had recently discussed with my wife and kids about taking a trip down to Icmeler, Turkey. We had our family friend visit the small town, and they recommended it as a good family getaway. We’ll see. Also, my wife has also wanted to get an upgrade on her kitchen, so I’ll definitely surprise her with a share of the win.’

About NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack

You can as well place your bet and enjoy blackjack online in its pursuit form in Classic Blackjack. You won’t find any frivolous gimmicks in this game; just a table, a shoe of cards and the dealer that you’ll be playing against, just as it is supposed to be.

NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack Offer:

And with crisp graphics, fluid animations and realistic sound effects, we could forgive you for thinking that you were playing in an actual land based casino!

So, give it a shot at WildTornado and such good luck!