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Winning big at a bitcoin can turn your life on its head. And it does not matter whether this is a slot game, roulette or blackjack that brought you so much coveted success. The bottom line is that you have nailed it and you’re gonna reap the sweet rewards of the enviable chunk of money.


Bitcoin casinos, like WildTornado, are the breeding ground for becoming real big winners. The reason for this is that there is nothing that restricts you from playing, including anonymity, the



absence of high fee bills and the disappearance of withdrawal limits. Moreover, unlike real money casino games, Bitcoin games are provably fair, which means that a player holds all the aces by simply opting for playing with the revolutionary digital coin.


With that being said, we’d like to show you examples of how players managed to make a killing on Bitcoin games. And what is truly fantastic about their commendable feats is that contrary to the conventional belief, they did not always have to wager big sums of money to do the trick.


Without beating around the bush, let us round up the biggest wins in the history of Bitcoin casinos.


11 000 BTC win


It was 2013 that turned out to be a very fruitful year for a casino whale known in online circles by the name Nakowa. Famous for his extravagant style of gambling, Nakowa kicked off his weekend gambling session with no luck whatsoever. To be more precise, while betting on a single hand, the voracious gambler woefully lost as many as 7 000 bitcoins. Astonishingly, such a huge loss did not dampen Nakowa’s gambling enthusiasm, not one bit, as he kept playing.


As a result of his unyielding determination and, perhaps, the doings of Lady Luck, his game started gathering steam and he ended up pocketing a whopping 11 000 bitcoins ($ 1.3 million).


174 BTC win


The magic of playing with Bitcoin translates in keeping the winner’s name in total obscurity, which cannot be said about real money casino games. This is why our next super lucky player is anonymous, the only thing that we know about him or her is that he/she carried off 174 BTC in winning payouts.


To say that this player was lucky would be an understatement. The victorious gambler got really on the roll. To elaborate on this, the first success came when he/she hit a 60 BTC jackpot. “Well done”, you will say, but hold on! The second jackpot came hard on the heels of the initial success, making this outstandingly fortunate player a 114 BTC wealthier man/woman. In 2016 – the year when the event took place, the winning amount added up to $122 496.


259.74 BTC win


We are again referring to the anonymous player and again this lucky player has had a smashing playtime with his/her Bitcoin (back in February 2017). To be more specific, just like the previous victorious punters gracing our big win list, this person managed to walk away a real big winner. In particular, the fortune he/she amassed amounted to 259.74 Bitcoins.


What is absolutely fantastic about this massive winning is that it was generated by a meagre 0.1 BTC wager! This only proves the fact that you don’t need to fork out on a game to make it reward you with hundreds of thousands of dollars.


216 BTC win


This time the anonymous individual showed panache at trying his luck with Troll Hunters, a slot title by Play’N Go. The result of the fortunate player’s entertaining endeavor was impressive as it added up to hitting two gigantic jackpots in a row – 160 BTC and 56 BTC.


Well, what can we say? The winner definitely hit the nail on its head by wagering a fraction of his/her bitcoin (0.16 BTC only!) on the legendary game. In terms of conversion as of March 2017, the win totalled to $255 000.


14 BTC win (with a twist!)


The anonymous big win of 14 BTC was also forked out by the WildTornado Casino on December 2017. Although this number appears to be less impressive in comparison with the mentioned above payouts, there is a surreal twist to this at a first glance average winning.


The bottom line is that cryptocurrency, in particular, Bitcoin, is subject to a great deal of volatility. This means that at one point in time it may be worth a fortune, like its all-time high $19 000, whereas at another point in time it’s price may sink to as little as $1 000. Undoubtedly, these figures speak volumes of the paramount importance of the timing as far as playing with Bitcoin is concerned.


In the case of WildTornado’s big winner, 14 BTC yielded him/her $193 200. As you can understand, the timing was absolutely perfect.


The WildTornado Casino was proud to do its bit for providing the fortunate winner with an opportunity to savour such a huge gambling triumph! The whole sum was paid immediately and in one go, which became a cherry on the cake for the overexcited newly-fledged fortune holder.


In conclusion…


Winning big at Bitcoin casinos is something that can be accomplished and the mentioned above examples underpin this idea perfectly.


Remember, Bitcoin is simply brimming with exceptional opportunities! This is why we’d encourage you to not be letting the grass grow under your feet, but rather give BTC games a shot! Who knows, maybe you are the one who is meant to overshadow all the listed biggest bitcoin winners taken together.


The best place to fulfil your wildest gambling dreams is the WildTornado virtual casino – a powerhouse of the latest and trendiest BTC games!


Welcome and best of luck!