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Can Crypto Be Banned In The USA?

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When a new form of currency known as Bitcoin appeared over a decade ago, the majority of people were convinced that the new digital money was some kind of a gimmick rather than a valuable asset worth investing in. As years have passed and cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of value and attention, people’s attitude towards Bitcoin has drastically changed and many consider it to be the best form of investment nowadays. As a result, countries such as the USA and many others are working on rules and regulations to legally introduce Bitcoin and other cryptos into people’s lives.


USA and crypto


We have recently received news that the US Department of Justice has drawn up legislation meant to introduce Bitcoin into the operations of all sorts of businesses, from small to big. This resulted in an opportunity for people to buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies via such well-known payment platforms as Western Union and PayPal. This is considered to be a massive breakthrough in the universalization of Bitcoin and other celebrated cryptos. 


How does this affect Bitcoin casinos?


The face of the gambling market will be totally changed when Bitcoin enters the mainstream. Now, more and more bettors are inclined to fund their wagers with cryptocurrency, while just a couple of years ago they were skeptical about the likes of Bitcoin, and thus, preferred to spend their time and money at fiat bets-based casinos. The US regulations might be the key to finally bring a successful crypto and gambling duo into the mainstream, which will enable gamblers to fully enjoy numerous advantages cryptocurrencies bring to the best online casinos.


Why to invest in Bitcoin games and where to find the best ones?


Bitcoin is capable of doing wonders for players’ bankrolls when it comes to gambling. For instance, deposits made months before being used for playing games may soar in value when winnings are cashed out, with a valuable profit earned for simply choosing the right time to play. Bitcoin Bonuses are also something many enjoy to a great extent as bettors can also play on their value increase provided that they have the right skills and necessary knowledge. While free BTC games are not commonplace across online casinos yet, the WildTornado online gaming website not only has to trend free crypto games on the menu but also delights players with terrific online casino bonuses, from Bitcoin bonuses to free spins and other delicious gifts. If you are a slot fan, you also won’t be disappointed by a rich crypto-free slots (no download) portfolio accessible via the WildTornado website.


If you don’t own a digital wallet yet, you may want to get one real fast as analysts forecast a tremendous jump in Bitcoin value by the end of 2021, up to a head-spinning 100,000k.