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People are Abuzz with a New Film on Blockchain


Many say that the conventional world we are used to has been turned upside down with the advent of the absolute wonder of the 21st century known as cryptocurrencies. Arguably, this revolutionary tech invention is capable of putting an end to several economic flaws, shameless restrictions, financial schemes, and traps that we are so easily susceptible to these


Bitcoin Prognosis Updated


Some of the pressing questions that keep tantalizing the minds of both cryptocurrency analysts and crypto aficionados are: “ Will we see a significant rise of Bitcoin till the end of 2018?”, “ Will its value hit an earth-shattering number and when will it happen?”.


Dogecoin: All You Need to Know Including Expert Opinions

If you had your eyes peeled to the twists and turns of cryptocurrencies for quite a while, you know that taking experts’ crypto forecasts at face value is rather ridiculous. With a high fluctuation factor being involved, no one can guarantee that Bitcoin will rocket to a dizzying


Bitcoin Gambling Will Boost Your Dating Success

Are you a player who is looking into Bitcoin investment? Or perhaps you haven’t allowed the grass to grow under your feet as yet to start reaping the rewards of BTC gambling?

And more importantly, are you still searching for your significant other? Too many questions, right?


Kim Kardashian Gets a Tangible Bitcoin at the Poker Table


For the very first time in her life, one of the most celebrated celebrities in the world, Kim Kardashian West, was bestowed a physical Bitcoin. The cryptocurrency world witnessed the showbiz queen pose for the cameras with her newly acquired crypto asset.


Bitcoin today and a new crypto creation MacCoin

A look at Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies today

Good day, and welcome to our short update on the performance of major cryptocurrencies on August 2, 2018.

As it stands, the crypto giant, Bitcoin, continues going down the hill the 3rd day in succession. Within the spell of 24 hours, Bitcoin dropped by 4.22% and is currently trading at 7,602.44 dollars. This translates into a loss of  $160 in a day.


How to choose a great Bitcoin Jackpot Slot

Bitcoin has proved to work wonders again and again turning a plethora of ordinary people into multi-millionaires in the blink of an eye. Its value was a meager few dollars back in 2011, whereas, by the end of 2017, it has soared to an impressive height of 20 thousand dollars. Those who in their very early days were either lucky or prudent enough to adopt the cryptocurrency in question drew a treasure lottery ticket, however, all the rest eager to catch up with the success of the former still have a chance to try their luck. Now we are about to walk you through Bitcoin jackpot opportunities, the best Bitcoin reels to spin, and the story of a real big Bitcoin win. In case you are eager to plunge into one of the Bitcoin slots, check out our Bitcoin slots collection below.


Bitcoin vs Bitcoin Cash

Are you aware of the fact that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) actually sprang from Bitcoin (BTC) and is regarded as its fork? In other words, the nodes of Bitcoin Cash once belonged to the Bitcoin blockchain. They were updated and split out of the initial blockchain to give birth to a new one – the Bitcoin Cash blockchain.


The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Slots Aa A Bitcoin Casino

The revolution in the world of online gambling provided a huge number of people around the world with a chance to pursue their passions. Online casinos have opened opportunities that, sadly, didn’t use to be available for millions of people. Another side of the coin, however, has also shown itself – the safety of players’ funds became a real issue, and players were in a dire need of a much greater security standard. And Bitcoin casino have proved to excellently tackle the issue in question.


Surreal Future of Online Casinos

Over years the online casinos industry has been going from strength to strength and is not showing any signs of slowing down.  And as time passes, it is quite natural for online gambling platforms to change and develop. Predictions involve the day when people will have an absolutely different, surreal experience in online casinos, and this day is right around the corner!


Bitcoin Forecast: 2018 and Beyond

With business tongues wagging about the current rise and fall of Bitcoin, it is a common question asked amongst traders; ‘What is predicted in the future years’ regarding Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency used in trading. When these questions are asked, it’s best to look at when it all began and what is predicted for the future of both investors and the coin itself.


Cryptocurrencies in Online Casinos

It is evident that online casinos took a shine to the cryptocurrency market in 2017, and thus in 2018, its popularity continues to gain steam. As it stands, the currency in question has yet to evolve into the main method of payment. However, taking into account its rising nature in the foreseeable future, cryptocurrencies are very likely to come to the fore and make fiat money bite the dust.