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Let’s face it, whether it’s a game of luck, such as a slot machine, roulette, or one that requires skill, like poker, baccarat or craps, only a few people have managed to successfully come up with a working strategy to win.

But what does it take to become one of the few players? What is needed to be not just a leisure gambler, but a great one? What does it take to thrive on playing your favourite game? If you are striving to become the cream of the crop of the gambling society, you are supposed to come up with sensible answers to those questions.

We’ve dug deep into successful stories of world greatest players in order to help you take a page from their book!

Without further ado, welcome to the top 5 qualities you absolutely must possess if you want to see much more of your winning than losing!

Self-confidence is the key to becoming a great player

Behaving, thinking and even feeling like a professional is the key attitude you have to adopt if your goal is to win like a pro. As long as you have self-doubts that you are not capable of winning a sizable chunk of money on a game, then you’d better not even embark on the idea of playing. Confidence will significantly contribute to your coming up with sound decisions in a skill-requiring game, as well as help outmanoeuvre other players.

But how can you cultivate the confidence? The answer lies in the “fake it till you make it” psychological method. Fake it till you make it requires you to act like a pro; carry out yourself like a pro, until you start being one! It’s not an urban myth, but a method proven by years of scientific research. And like Ronnie Lott said “If you believe it, your mind can achieve it!”

Good bankroll management equals more fun

Your budget is the tool that, if well managed, will pave the way to substantial winnings. That said, you have got to carefully and cool-headedly assess all the risks and all the gain, putting emotions aside. In case the investment is not consistent with your budget, stepping back is a right move. Remember, that acting on a whim in most cases will cost you a big price and leave you, at best, with a drained bankroll, or in the red, as the worst-case scenario.

Expert gamblers have a long-term investment outlook, while regular ones are focused only on the present moment. So budget wisely!

Being patient and determined

As far as slots are concerned, the target is to play until you hit a massive win. The thing is, it is rarely the case that a player reaches the goal in question overnight. They are most likely going to go through a number of losing bouts until they pull it off. That’s why being able to sustain those unlucky times without being discouraged, but smartly persevering with the play, is crucial if you want to see a whopping prize come your way! As Winston Churchill expressed it: ‘Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.’

On the subject of skill-based games like poker, building and polishing your own strategy certainly takes a lot of practise, commitment and devotion. Be ready to patiently plough your way through with daily exercises and research. This could take weeks, months and even years! So work hard and think how you can get better at your game!

Learning from every loss

Big gamblers treat each of their unsuccessful game as a useful and necessary experience. They tend to concentrate on what they can learn from it, while directing their mind to the bigger picture. As Ian Fleming put it: “At gambling, the deadly sin is to mistake bad play for bad luck.”

Having a laid-back attitude

We have already referred to the importance of a relaxed attitude in being successful in our earlier post of July 10. To put it in a few words, winners don’t let occasional failures dampen their winning spirit. They take them easy, opening themselves to the future opportunities of hitting massive prizes!

So, don’t think long, give all those traits a chance to get you to the very top! And WildTornado invites you to use our cosy gambling platform as your practice field! Be sure to find there all the best equipment needed for your preparation – over 500 video slots and a myriad of table games by the world greatest providers!

Have a steady, enjoyable and amazingly lucrative play time!