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How to choose a great Bitcoin Jackpot Slot

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Bitcoin has proved to work wonders again and again turning a plethora of ordinary people into multi-millionaires in the blink of an eye. Its value was a meager few dollars back in 2011, whereas, by the end of 2017, it has soared to an impressive height of 20 thousand dollars. Those who in their very early days were either lucky or prudent enough to adopt the cryptocurrency in question drew a treasure lottery ticket, however, all the rest eager to catch up with the success of the former still have a chance to try their luck. Now we are about to walk you through Bitcoin jackpot opportunities, the best Bitcoin reels to spin, and the story of a real big Bitcoin win. In case you are eager to plunge into one of the Bitcoin slots, check out our Bitcoin slots collection below.

Hottest BTC Progressive Jackpot Slots

You might be wondering what kind of Bitcoin jackpot slots are most worth your attention as there are plenty of games in this area of gambling. Boasting the feature of the prize amount accumulation over time, they are highly appealing to those aiming at staggering Bitcoin wins. Just imagine how high you may be flying with hundreds of Bitcoin at stake. Moreover, it can work over a casino network. In other words, when several casinos offer a particular slot with a progressive jackpot, you can savor the same prize amount at any gambling platform having the game.

When it comes to genuinely worthy titles, check out the following games. They proved to be among the hottest and most enjoyed Bitcoin jackpot slots:

Good Girl, Bad Girl by NetEnt

BetSoft Gaming suggests looking deeply into yourself to both sides of your personality – the dark and angelic side. Having 5 reels and 15 pay lines compellingly engages you in a fight between good and bad. The game offers wild symbols, random win multipliers, free spins, pay lines from right to left as well as a bonus wheel game granting a wide choice of bonuses. It all makes the game more than just exciting and generously rewarding. In case incredibly expressive graphics and awesome features are your cups of tea, you certainly need to play this superb game. PLAY NOW

At the Copa by BetSoft Gaming

Who does not adore awesome cocktails at a dance party? BetSoft Gaming certainly knows how to transport you to one of the hottest locations where luxurious graphics and awesome animations are the center focus. The 3D slot has 5 reels and 30 pay lines as well as many bonuses that will make you swim enthusiastically in the ocean of scatters, wilds, free spins, jackpots, and doubles. So if you have a soft spot for dance shows and enjoy Latino extravaganza with moonlit seas, trumpets, maracas, flamingos, cocktails as the slot symbols, you will want to jump into this dance immediately and have the time of your life.

Greedy Goblins by BetSoft Gaming

Embark on a trip to the woods of mystery where weird creatures will watch your every move. This 3D video slot called “Greedy Goblins” is packed with many opportunities of winning big: the million+ jackpot, sticky wilds, and of course, special bonus games. While assisting the goblins in revealing the secrets of elves, you’ll not only be passionately engrossed in this engaging magical search but also rewarded with awesome prizes. What’s more, your mobile can transport you to the enchanted woods of greedy goblins right away!


Lottery Jackpots

Another opportunity to land the Bitcoin jackpot is as old as the hills and known as the lottery. A lottery is financially backed up by players and for each of them, the winning odds are the same. With each small contribution, the jackpot can grow to a mind-blowing extent in the millions. So you might also consider this straightforward path towards becoming a millionaire overnight.

Winning big tips

Should we even mention the importance of the worshipped lady luck as far as jackpots are concerned? She means a whole lot, yet there are a couple of strategic moves you will want to keep in mind when playing this big.

Tip 1: First of all, what matters is to play bigger bets, simply because your winning odds will increase automatically.

Tip 2: You’ve got to do a little bit of research looking at the jackpots which haven’t been hit during a significant time span. Why? It’s no rocket science – it is rather unlikely to take too long until a jackpot lavishly pays out. Thus, sticking to your favorite game will not be the right move if your primary target is becoming a fortune holder!

About a Bitcoin Lottery, the rule of thumb is adopting a consistent approach. Opt to play regularly and stick to the same numbers. In addition, going on a lottery ticket buying spree will only do you good, as your chances of winning will significantly increase.

As we can see, the Bitcoin Jackpot paths are so very promising and enticing, you only need to take a plunge and embark on one of them, and who knows, you might end up being really puzzled as to what to do with your millions.

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Such good luck!