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There are people who argue that slot machines were designed for women. It’s a sexist comment, that for sure, and we’d like to oppose it! There are those who are for the opinion that slot



machines are inherently designed for old grannies who visit the casino floors or for lasses who don’t have any particular interest in the more sophisticated table and card games. Again, this presumption is incorrect.

Men too are big fans of slot machines, both at the land-based casino and online platforms. If you are a) a man and b) skeptical about slots being designed for men too, then it’s about time you took note! Sure, we can say that there are titles and themes designed for the fairer sex such as Sex and The City slot, but there are those that men will more often play than women.  

In the light of this statement, we are going to review some of the top three slot games that men will find attractive. So if you are a real man, put on your beerhat, grab a beer and come with your dude friend as you don’t want to miss out on this one!

Asgard Slot





Do you fancy something that’s packed with action, a sense of escapade or even danger? Are you a big fan of the Vikings, gods such as Led Zeppelin or the dramatic scuffles of the Thor? Then there’s a perfect manly slot for you at WildTornado Casino.

Be sure to check out Asgard Slot, the intense video slot that will smash through your boring earthly existence into a plane of splendour. This is a game that perfectly features the likes of the mighty and powerful god Thor, Odin not forgetting to mention their mischievous brother Loki.

Asgard Slot Machine comes with an always pays feature. This means that you can form wins from left to right and right to left – no stress! Furthermore, it has in-game bonus rounds such as the Goddess feature, Loki’s Magic, and Thunderbolt bonus round. But you won’t experience all these if you don’t take a chance to play hard, land massive wins and immortalize yourself in the halls of Valhalla!

Playboy Slot





There have been few attempts by Playboy to rebrand their magazine to be free of any nudity. However, this hasn’t been taken well with so many guys who believe that they should still be able to enjoy the eye candy of this world-renowned magazine.

Irrespective of your stance, we have some good news for you here at WildTornado Casino. We have a Playboy themed xxx slot, and needless to say, as those clothes are stripped off, some coins will drop down too!  

Playboy slot has plenty of HOT female beauties and luxury seems to be an everyday experience. Channel your manly side as you don your robs and take the beautiful ladies on the reels for a thrilling spin. You can join the Playboy Club when you land three scatters and meet the god-given beautiful ladies Jillian, Ashley, Sofia, and Kimi who come in the form of bonus rounds.

Overall, you can receive free spins, multipliers, and massive payouts that amount to 1,215,000 coins. Microgaming’s Playboy has been such a success that they decided to release a sequel – Playboy Gold – which can also be played at WildTornado Casino.

Game of Thrones Slot





As much as a number of HBO releases – take a look at Breaking Bad – might be popular, we must admit that there’s one that rules them all. At the time of writing this, Game of Thrones seems to be the most popular TV show on planet earth…and for all the right reason.

The script from George R.R. Martin seems to have captured all the elements that will keep viewers seated by the edge of their seat waiting for the upcoming show. The writing is insanely catchy and exciting, the casting and performance simply outstanding and not to forget to mention that there are boobs (plenty). This makes it a perfect catch for the male audience.

And when HBO partnered with the biggest slot developing company, you’d definitely expect the game to be lit! The Game of Thrones slot release explodes with epic, action-filled in-game bonus features. However, the main draw to the game is where you are expected to pick your house, which is represented by four free spins bonus games.

  • House Baratheon – Will reward you with 8 free spins and a 5× multiplier
  • House Lannister – Will reward you with 10 free spins and a 4× multiplier
  • House Stark – Will reward you with 14 free spins and a 3× multiplier
  • House Targaryen – Will reward you with 18 free spins and a 2× multiplier

Which house will you serve? Discover this at WildTornado Casino where we have up to €300 in free bonus to all our new visitors!




It’s a women’s world, no doubt about that. As such, it might sometimes feel like slot games are a part of the women’s club. However, there are online casinos that are trying to cater to the male species. Fortunately, WildTornado Casino is one of them. Visit our website and you’ll notice that all the listed slots are readily available. Plus, we also have plenty of other games that will suit the preferences of both sexes.