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It is quite safe to say that playing any kind of game, whether a slot or a table game, requires a great deal of luck. Interestingly, while some players prove to be really fortunate, often winning big sums of money, others consider themselves doomed to hardly ever grab some shallow prizes. Naturally, the question pops up: ‘What’s wrong with the latter?’ , ‘ Are they really meant to be deprived of real success in their lives?’

But no worries! Luckily, we have managed to put our finger on such shameless inequity, and are determined to restore justice by sharing valuable secrets! That said, rest assured once you finish reading this article, you’ll be perfectly aware of how to attract more luck into your gaming life, and thus more winnings and more success. Moreover, being equipped with our advice, you will not only be able to improve your winning odds in playing games, but you’ll also learn how to make Lady Luck stick to your personal life, as well as business affairs.

Relying on the scientific research and astrological data, we are about to shed light on the following:

  • How to be luckier in gambling, personal, and business life.
  • Which dates are most favorable for winning big in July 2018.

How luck works according to the research?

A growing body of evidence suggests that luck has a lot to do with psychology – it is a matter of attitude and perspective. In other words, by changing your mindset, and thus your behavior, you could significantly increase the amount of luck in your life. How so? Let us present you with the insightful implications of the study carried out by Richard Wiseman, the renowned Professor of Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK.

Back in 2003, Wiseman conducted a curious experiment that helped to deduce the characteristics a person should possess to be favored by good fortune. In the study, there were two categories of participants – ‘lucky’ individuals and ‘unlucky’ ones (as they themselves reckoned). All of them were asked to count how many pictures pop up in a newspaper. During the experiment, it was revealed that ‘unlucky’ people were so much focused on the task of counting that they woefully missed the two messages written in huge letters, the first saying ‘Stop counting. There are 43 pictures in the newspaper’, and the second – ‘Stop counting. Tell the invigilator you have noticed this and win $250.’ ‘Lucky’ individuals, on the contrary, showed the tendency to spot the messages. The conclusion: those who have a more relaxed and laid back attitude is more opened to chance opportunities, and are thus likely to notice useful things that those who are tense and anxious are unable to spot.

To recap, you will generate good fortune if, having adopted a relaxed attitude, you get a hang of noticing unexpected, chance opportunities. Secondly, you don’t ignore your gut feeling (intuition). Thirdly, you expect a positive outcome, believing you’re truly fortunate. Fourthly, even in a rather unfavorable situation, you can look on the bright side, transforming bad fortune into good.

No shame in boosting your luck with a lucky charm

Many skeptics (mind that skeptics tend to be rather tense) would say that a talisman, lucky socks, a lucky T-shirt or bracelet, are the only delusion cherished by superstitious players. However, the studies keep proving that individuals who wholeheartedly believe that their talismans bring them luck, indeed tend to perform better at a task having their lucky charms with them. How come? It’s easy as pie – lucky charms boost confidence, and when we have faith in ourselves, we most often perform better.

Luck proves to be more powerful than talent

Another extremely compelling piece of evidence of the huge power of luck, as far as success is concerned, comes from a recent study conducted in 2018. As Scientific American relates, scientists created a hypothetical world, instilling certain individuals in its population with the traits leading to good fortune: optimism, confidence, respect to detail, and resilience. Next, the whole population was subjected to lucky and unlucky events. The results were impressive: those who possessed a lucky mindset were the ones who rode on the crest of a wave of success. Interestingly, they often were less talented than other individuals in the stimulation, yet their good fortune carried them through.

The Chinese calendar points out the most favorable days for aiming at a huge win

According to the astronomical data of the Chinese lunisolar calendar, you are advised to call on all your passion, determination, and skills to play your favorite games on the following days as they are considered to be most fortunate:

  • July 11, 2018

Most favourable times: 3:00-4:59, 7:00-8:59, 9:00-10:59, 15:00-16:59, 17:00-18:59, 21:00-22:59

  • July 18, 2018

Most favourable times:1:00-2:59, 7:00-8:59, 11:00-12:59, 19:00-20:59, 21:00-22:59

  • July 22, 2018

Most favourable times: 23:00-0:59, 3:00-4:59, 5:00-6:59, 11:00-12:59, 13:00-14:59, 17:00-18:59

  • July 27, 2018

Most favourable times: 23:00-0:59, 1:00-2:59, 7:00-8:59, 9:00-10:59, 11:00-12:59, 13:00-14:59, 19:00-20:59

  • July 31, 2018

Most favourable times: 23:00-0:59, 1:00-2:59, 5:00-6:59, 11:00-12:59, 15:00-16:59, 17:00-18:59


If you want to be lucky, that’s a great lesson for you. Just think, if you came across this article, it might be your chance opportunity that leads to something great in your life.

So be relaxed and positive, don’t be anxiously fixated on one thing, listen to what your hunch says to you, grab your lucky charm, pick the most favourable date and time! You will win ?

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