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Picture this for a minute: you are seated somewhere enjoying your casino game, relaxed and at the same time thrilled from the suspense created by the game you are playing. And even though you are having your highs and lows playing the game, you are sure that you are bound to nail it given the sure-fire strategy that you are using. And just when your bankroll is almost going to zero – you land the Mega Win.

And it’s perhaps the first time that you are landing this massive win playing a video slot online. So how are you going to withdraw from this huge win? Do you need permission to do this? The answer is no! As long as you’ve won anything under your account, it’s up to you to decide how much to withdraw or keep. But you need to do a few things before withdrawing. And this is what this article is all about!

Cashing Out At Online Casinos

Unlike as it happens at brick-and-mortar casinos, where getting cashing in your wins is a very straightforward process – the cashier exchanges your chips or pays you your slot winning amount in a form of cash or a check, withdrawing your money electronically is a rather different kettle of fish.

But no worries, requesting your money online does not necessarily have to be a hassle or tedious procedure! As a matter of fact, it’s a process that will take very few minutes, as long as you choose the correct payment method and follow the right procedure!

That said, WildTornado is ready to help you pick the most suitable money-withdrawing option available across decent online casinos.

Withdrawal options listed at WildTornado Casino

As far as top casino services go, you are assured of having a wide array of payment options for you to choose from. Our casino, for instance, has secured only the best options for players to choose from. These methods include options such as:

  • e-wallets
  • credit cards
  • bank transfers

The best options to withdraw funds

E-wallets have proven to be the ultimate cashing out method among all the available options, not only at the other online casinos but at WildTornado Casino. Neteller, Skrill, or any kind of a Bitcoin wallet deal with the process of funds transaction very well, ensuring the player’s instant money receipt. Such outstanding promptness of e-wallets is explained by the fact that the banks are not involved in the procedure in question, and therefore the money is processed much faster.

What does it take to withdraw your winnings?

Have you ever heard of the word KYC? In case you haven’t, this is a procedure that all online casinos including WildTornado use to achieve the following:

  • Establish player’s identity
  • Make sure the player is of the legal age to gamble
  • Ensure player resides in the area where gambling is allowed
  • Help us assess money laundering risks that are associated with player’s account

With that being said, we might have to ask you to provide a copy of your government-issued ID, a copy of any official letter (a utility bill or bank statement), and a screenshot of your e-wallet (or credit card).

It’s also worth mentioning that in case you cash out onto your Bitcoin e-wallet, you are spared the aforementioned KNY procedure, which means no personal information disclosure, security, saved time, and a ludicrously small fee involved. All the online casino needs from you to be able to proceed with the transaction is your e-wallet address. As soon as it is obtained, the money is cashed out within an eye-blinking.


As we conclude, we think that you deserve to enjoy only the best gambling experience online. With that being said, opting for WildTornado – the online Bitcoin casino of a great repute, you’ll profoundly benefit from multiple methods of instant and hassle-free funds withdrawals, multi-currency options, as well as professional and prompt service in every possible aspect of gaming entertainment!

Come on board to relish a myriad of slot machines and card games by the biggest names in the industry! Supreme entertainment is guaranteed!