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Let us take #ThrowbackThursday a notch higher. Where were you up to 20 years ago? Getting married? Graduating? Wondering who will be the next United States president? Perhaps



watching Leonardo DiCaprio play Romeo in Baz Luhrmann’s version of Romeo and Juliet? Myself, I was standing in line to purchase my first The Mummy video cassette!


Yes, that’s correct…it’s already been 20 years since Rick O’Connell (Brendan Fraser) and Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) first vivified the movie screens with their meticulous skills of hunting treasures in the Saharan desert. And despite making a comeback in The Mummy Returns and The Mummy:Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, there hasn’t been any slots software company that has managed to achieve what Yggdrasil Gaming has done with Jackpot Raiders Slot.


  •         Number of Reels: 5
  •         Number of Paylines: 20
  •         Return To Player Percentage: 96.3%
  •         Maximum Payout: 164000
  •         Volatility: Medium-High
  •         Expected Release Date: 23rd May 2019

Jackpot Raiders Slot – A New Slot With An Added Twist of ‘Tomb Raider’ and Indiana Jones



Two explorers have joined forces and they are on a journey to search for long lost treasure! This time, fans of The Mummy are going to find Rick O’Connell (Bear) and Evelyn Carnahan (Sam) in the new release from Yggdrasil GamingJackpot Raiders slot. This new release features 5 reels and 3-row configuration accompanied by bright graphics, sleek animations and what appears to be relics buried in the desert.


The overall interface of Jackpot Raiders seems to be set in front of a backdrop of the Saharan desert where the relics are buried. You’ll be accompanying Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan in search of these relics but you need to ensure that you stay alive and don’t die from the harsh desert environments to get rewarded.


If you are strong enough, you’ll get to reap from any one of the five progressive jackpots that pay out differently. This includes the Forgotten, Rare, Mythical, Ancient and Legendary jackpots. If you are lucky enough, you can actually win all the five.

Jackpot Raiders – Yggdrasil Gaming Slot Rules



This action and adventure jammed slot is played like any other video slot from Yggdrasil Gaming. From the Jackpot Raiders free version, we noticed that it has paylines sitting on the reels. You can wager on them all individually if you wish, or you can select the number of paylines you’d like to activate. In total, there are 40 paylines to pick from


To land any winning combination in Jackpot Raiders slot, you need to match three or more similar symbols on an active payline from left to right aligned side by side. The symbols you land on the reels is responsible for the payout as indicated in the pay table.

Jackpot Raiders Slot In-Game Features



If you are out searching for a life-changing amount of money, then it’s worth that you look at the Jackpot Raiders Slot. The game brings a remarkable jackpot to the table that grows every minute until one lucky player hits the right combinations. After this, the prize is re-set to a standard figure after which it starts growing again.


If you aren’t lucky enough to land this coveted progressive jackpot, then you’ll be pleased to know that Jackpot Raiders also has other few bonus games that reward cash prizes. This includes free spins, scatter wins, multiplier wins just to mention a few.


  •         Scatter Wins: Activated when you land between 3 and 5 scatter symbols. For this you’ll either receive 1,000 coins or 10,000 coins
  •         Pick and Click Chest Game: You have to land only two (2) scatter symbols to trigger this feature. Once active, you have to pick a chest which will reveal a prize that comes in the form of coins, jackpot free spins, or a map that leads to the map collection feature
  •         Map Collection Feature: Once this feature is active, you’ll be rewarded with 5 different maps. Each one of them comes with a special free spins game that ultimately leads to one of the five jackpots
  •         Treasure Hunt Bonus Feature: This bonus game is only triggered from the compass game. Once active, you have a choice of playing as either Sam, or Bear. Of the two, Sam will award you better rewards than Bear and as such is more riskier.

Start Your Adventure Today – Play Jackpot Raiders Free at WildTornado Casino!



The Jackpot Raiders slot will readily be available on all WildTornado Casino platforms including mobile. Thanks to its mobile optimization, we expect millions of our players from across the world to swarm around this game, trying to get a feel of what is like to experience part of the Tomb Raider action blended with Indiana Jones action.

This is the reason why we would like you to discover where the journey for lost relics will take you at our casino through the Jackpot Raiders free version.