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Famous people have always been tantalized by the idea of exposing themselves to a little bit of a risky adventure at the casino table. In modern days, these are statesmen, artists, actors, singers,



athletes, etc., who eat, sleep, and breathe gambling. Likewise, back in the day, casinos enticed plenty of distinguished personalities into their thrill-filled halls. Claud Monet, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Rene Descartes and Casanova had one thing in common – they got a kick out of a game of chance.


Claud Monet


Claude Monet, a celebrated French artist, was a trailblazer in the art of Impressionist painting in France. He found a great deal of inspiration in portraying nature by skillfully capturing the light and imbuing his canvas stories with exuberance and spontaneity. He was the one who didn’t agree to fall into line with accepted perceptions of painting styles. Instead, he strived to show what was in the very heart of nature and his vivacious painting techniques served this purpose very well.


Gamble to sustain passion



Droves of the artist’s admirers that keep frequenting the galleries to extract inspiration from the amazing paintings, such as The Water Lily and Impression, Sunrise, among many others, may be none the wiser as to Monet’s gambling prowess. The thing is that as a young painter who came from a poor family, he often had his cupboards bare. Not only did he have to find the means to put food on the table, but he also had to fork out on the supplies for his expensive hobby. This is how his life became inextricably interwoven with the card games akin to today’s Baccarat and Blackjack. They brought him thrills and more importantly, a good profit.


As his artistic career rolled on, Monet was swept into the vibrant world of the cultural elite of Paris. But mixing with wealthy, carefree and artistic Parisians at the swank parties required formidable means. And again, he couldn’t think of a better idea to get big and quick money than capitalizing on his aptitude for gambling. As a result of Monet’s card games going great guns, the painter could afford to sustain both his luxurious nightlife adventures and his supplies for painting.


In spite of his tremendous efforts to rise to stardom, Monet’s works, just like the works of many other geniuses of his time, did not gain deserved recognition. It would take years for the art community to finally dubb the paintings of the French virtuoso ‘art masterpieces’.

Meanwhile, Monet had hard times making ends meet.



Monet’s bet yields $14 000



Legend has it that in the early 1890-s, Monet desperately needed money to carry forward his painting ideas. In utter despair, he decided to take a flutter on the French lottery.


Luckily, the artist’s bold idea came to fruition –  he won a whopping 1 000 franks (14 000 dollars today). The winning ticket Monet drew saved the adventurous creator from the financial breakdown.


Monet was a prolific painter whose passion and finesse in painting earned him only a little success. Unfortunately, his stellar achievements remained under-acknowledged in his time.


Immortal legacy



Today, on the other hand, Claud Monet needs no introduction. His unique and vibrant paintings are displayed all over the world and are the centrepiece of grand travelling exhibitions. An imprint the painter left in the history of art is tremendous – millions admire, adore him and easily recognize his sensuous paintings on cups, stamps, hoardings, you name it. His determination not only when holding the brush, but also at the card game, and unyielding faith in himself, enabled the world to embrace the works of the genies in a blaze of joy. And frankly, if it was not for gambling, it is a big question whether we would be aware of the virtuoso of Claud Monet today.


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