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10 years have passed and finally, bona fide slot buffs got a smashing answer to their prayers. This answer came in a shape of 5 reels and 3 rows that, roughly speaking, constitute the most anticipated slot game in the entire iGaming industry – Dead or Alive 2.



Referring to its older sibling, the Dead or Alive slot, we have to admit that this game is something surreal! Years of DoA’s existence on the market did not dampen its thrills and top-notch performance. This is evident in the fact that up till now, the slot has been confidently topping the lists of the most demanded slot games across the majority of casinos. Well, it is not hard to find the explanation for such big popularity. At WildTornado casino alone, Dead or Alive ranks 1 in producing the biggest number of wins of a substantial nature. This month, for instance, the slot yielded an eye-popping 87 big wins.


Of course, with this landmark release, WildTornado slots experts could not help but share the mass excitement. They have been all over this epic spin-off for quite a while and are ready to give their unbiased verdict.


A Sneak Peek of the Game


Reel Configuration: 5×3

Paylines: 9

RTP: 96.8%

Max Prize: 100 000 x the wager

Bet Limits: Min $0.09, Max $18

Variance: High

In-game Features: 3 free spins modes, sticky multiplier wilds, scatter prizes

Advantages: sticky wilds mechanics, a colossal winning potential, brilliant visuals

Disadvantages: None found


Dead or Alive 2 Slot Review





The charming old town in the Wild West is so gently lit up by the sunset and its peaceful spirit is only disturbed by occasional flashes of lightning and odd gunshots. What is hidden under this quiet and almost meditative facade is the zeal of the sheriff to kick the asses of 5 infamous bandits. NetEnt compellingly pays homage to the symbols and extras featured in the prequel – you will find most of them on the updated reels, at the same time, the provider does not fail to instil a compellingly modern twist into them.


While we do enjoy the looks of the predecessor, the visuals in Dead or Alive 2 are absolutely stunning. There is nothing you could nitpick about – the brilliance of graphics, the sleekness of animations and the fitness of the unobtrusive soundtrack merge to reward you with nothing less than a sight for sore eyes. As a result, the mood of eager anticipation the slot creates is bound to rub off and take your game to the stars.


Well, we are under such a profound impression from the feel that combines the old and the new, the learned and the undiscovered, the revered and the anticipated! That’s just the ticket, NetEnt!



Dead or Alive 2 Slot: Symbols





This section does not need a lot of writing on our part as, as far as the game’s symbols are concerned, NetEnt is faithful to the original.


Wondering which symbols are the most precious and therefore are worth pursuing? The answer is these are badges belonging to the sheriff. 5 badges that land on a payline produce 100 x your wager cash prize.


Just like in the original, the 5 outlaws are wild symbols and the scatter cash prize applies – 2500 x your bet.



Dead or Alive 2 Slot: Features



We are not surprised that all the most sizzling action in Dead or Alive 2 revolves around the free spins bonus game.


Traditionally, these are 3 scatters that kick off the 12 free spins round, where you have a pick of 3 modes. They differ in volatility, so it’s up to you to choose the scope of the challenge you are willing to face.



Train Heist Free Spins



Train Heist Free Spins is the round that is all about multiplying wilds. This game can be called a safe play due to the fact that its volatility numbers are the smallest. Each wild coming in play will increase a multiplier by one and guarantee an extra free spin.


Furthermore, there are even more freebies on offer: if the multiplier hits 16x value, another 5 free spins are at your disposal.



Old Saloon Free Spins



This is a game reminiscent of the good old free spins round in Dead or Alive. Wins are multiplied by 2x and sticky wilds enable you to make the most of your lucky round. Of course, they stay put all the way through the feature.


Fancy grabbing 5 more free spins? Then, you need to land all of the 5 outlaws at a time.


This is a medium volatility challenge.



High Noon Salon Free Spins



Well, this round is definitely meant not for the faint-hearted. The volatility is crazily high and so is the maximum win  – drum roll please – 100 000 x your wager.


The sticky wilds in this game can be empowered by 2x and 3x multipliers. To explain, your aim is to get more than a single wild on a reel. Specifically, 2 sticky wilds will translate in 2x sticky multiplier wilds. Similarly, 3 sticky wilds will turn into 3x sticky multiplier wilds.


Not to mention, you stand a chance to get 5 additional free spins. To this end, you need to make each reel shelter a wild.


Dead or Alive 2 slot: Verdict



The signature features of the iconic Dead or Alive game are given a new lease of life in one of the worthiest reboots in the history of slots – Dead or Alive 2. In particular, this is the High Noon Salon Free Spins feature that restores our faith in sequels. Each spin in this free spins mode is an insanely suspenseful experience as it could either yield a colossal cash prize (up to 100 000 your stake) or close to zero wins.


We believe each and every one of DoA’s acolytes will find their truth in Dead or Alive 2. It simply has it all!


Wait no more! Join the band of the daredevil outlaws to play one hell of the Western slot!


Play Dead or Alive 2 for free or for real money at WildTornado casino!