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Wild Tornado Featured on Casino Leader – A Renowned Review Website

The rapid growth in the adoption of smartphones and internet technology, in general, is the impelling cause for the galloping expansion in the online gambling industry. According to recent developments, especially in the software industry, modern devices are compatible with games that include machine learning, AI, and real-world establishments acquired with the help of digital visual origins. Moreover, the betterments in the gaming space are synchronized with the required trust that online casinos often need — since their forte is slot games.


Nowadays, there is an abundance of digital gambling platforms available in the market. A handful of them are preeminent and renowned, thus very well known among gamblers. However, the majority of online casinos have been incorporated recently.


Now the real concern is, how do you differentiate between an online casino that is real or fake? Most will think that online reviews from other gamblers will help them pinpoint a legit online casino. But that may not work each time; so what you need is a platform like Casino Leader that reviews online casinos from around the globe in a fair and crystal-clear manner.


The experts at Casino Leader exactly know how to identify a legit casino. The team carries out thorough research on the casino — exploring, researching, and giving it an unbiased rating based on the factors such as payment options, promotional offers, website/app user interface, payout percentage, selection of slot games, and software providers.


Fortunately, the Wild Tornado Casino got reviewed by the experts at Casino Leader. So to repay the favor, let’s know more about this casino review platform and learn why such companies are crucial for gamblers to help gamblers find legitimate online casinos.

What is Casino Leader?

As aforementioned, Casino Leader is a platform that gives a fair rating and an unbiased outlook on online casinos. The “casino experts” team work around the clock in accumulating all the available information on casinos and forming an impression accordingly.


Along with casino reviews, Casino Leader also helps gamblers in minimizing the legwork by finding the best promotional deals for them. So, whether you are a novice or a seasoned gambler — the long list of licensed casinos with an aim to provide the paramount gambling experience, will definitely help you find an online gambling platform that fits perfectly with your expectations.


Furthermore, you can find a detailed guide on types of casino games – how to play them to win real money.

How do they help gamblers?

Most gamblers like to read an impartial online casino review before signing up. They generally look for aspects like gambling licenses, available payment options, and bonus deals to get a viewpoint on a betting website. However, gamblers are often confused and overwhelmed by the number of casinos available. Thus, Casino Leader reviews help them spot a rogue casino instantly. In addition, the expert at this company assists gamblers in finding a legit casino; but how? Let’s find out.

  • By providing relevant information about the casino

The foremost reason why gamblers read the casino review is to get a “Scratch the Surface” kind of information — not detailed but useful. Casino leader reviews highlight the crucial characteristics of an online casino like the number of slots available, software providers, authorizations, and many more. This vital information, if searched by gamblers independently, would take a lot of time. Therefore, the reviews are helpful and aid gamblers in filtering out the right gambling platform.

  • Illustrating the bonus deals offered by the casino

Besides the standard promotional offers, online casinos come up with many unique deals that gamblers are sometimes unaware of. With due respect, casinos do this to stand out but gamblers face problems in claiming and using the bonus offerings. When experts at Casino Leader are evaluating the casino before drafting a review, they go through the promotion deals carefully to explain them in detail. Therefore, reading a review at Casino Leader will give you a better understanding of the types of promotions available at your desired casino.

  • Payment options available at the casino

It is shocking that gamblers pass on a casino despite having a bright perspective. This occurs only when the gambler is unable to identify an acceptable payment method. Casino Leader reviews include an in-depth description of the deposit and withdrawal methods and also let gamblers know whether their location allows them to register at the casino. Information regarding the payment options can only be found via a review, otherwise, gamblers have to create an account at the casino and visit the deposit section in order to find out about the payment options.


  • Giving a viewpoint on casino’s software

Software providers play an important role in the overall functioning of an online casino. Gamblers mostly overlook the fact that their betting experience greatly depends on the casino’s software. Ultra-modern software providers like Microgaming and Netent promote intuitiveness, and less freezing and offer slot games that ultimately become the casino’s center of attraction. Therefore, realizing the role of software, Casino Leader compiles accurate data on the online casino’s software providers in their review. From usability to the app’s user interface, you will get all the information you need.

Final Words

Fair and objective reviews are crucial to maintaining the pace of online casino growth. The majority of gamblers are unaware of the significant risks associated with modern internet casinos. And companies like Casino Leader can assist users in spotting a trustworthy online casino and avoiding a fraudulent one. Additionally, Casino Leader recommends only licensed online casinos depending on the gambler’s location and provides an all-inclusive bonus guide. We are grateful that the Casino Leader has drafted an amazing review about us, so make sure you read it on their website to learn more about the Wild Tornado Casino.


WildTornado featured on Popular Crypto Media Outlet

In case you’ve searched for educational videos on Bitcoin on YouTube, you must’ve seen Nate Martin. The sweet guy with glasses who explains “Translates Bitcoin to Plain English”. Yes, we’re referring to the 99Bitcoins YouTube channels and its iconic Bitcoin Whiteboard Tuesday series that educated millions of people over the past few years.

Did you know that 99Bitcoin is a full-fledged company that deals heavily with cryptocurrencies? We’re proud to let you know that our platform, WildTornado Casino got featured in a 99Bitcoins review recently!

As a token of appreciation for the review, let’s learn a little more about the company and what it does. We’re also going to look at how it’s shaping the crypto gambling industry with all its education content!

What is 99Bitcoins?

With a motto of “We Translate Bitcoin to Plain English”, 99Bitcoins started with a vision to create a helpful community. The chairman of the company, Mr. Ofir Beigel discovered Bitcoin in 2013 and saw the potential it had to change the economy that we know.

Soon after, he created 99Bitcoins to put his helpful mentality into action. As there were no other blockchains at the time, Ofir opted for the domain “99Bitcoins”. This holds true to this day simply due to the dominance Bitcoin has over other tokens.

In case you didn’t know, all tokens except for Bitcoin are known as “altcoins” which is short for alternative coins. It’s simply because every blockchain we have in circulation right now is a tweaked version of the original Bitcoin blockchain.

By the year 2019, the company grew beyond Ofir Beigel’s imagination. He started picking up other industry specialists like Zsofia Elek (General Manager), Steven Hey (Senior Writer & Journalist), Nate Martin (face of 99Bitcoins), Kibet Elakana (Customer Service), and Eliot Prince (Writer). This is one of the most impeccable teams of crypto experts that we’ve seen!

What Does 99Bitcoins Do?

For anyone who’s trying to get into the “mysterious” world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, a platform doesn’t get any better than 99Bitcoins. Once you start reading up on the resources or start watching the YouTube videos, you’ll realize that the industry is not as mysterious as it appears.

Here are some areas 99Bitcoins covers on its website to give you a headstart to financial freedom.

Buy Bitcoin

Whether you want to play provably fair games on WildTornado or get into day trading, you first need access to Bitcoin. Or, any other currency. The amazing thing about the crypto industry is that everything is convertible. Meaning, you can convert BTC into any token and vice versa.

99Bitcoin has dedicated guides on how you can buy Bitcoin with:

  •  PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank Account
  • Cash
  • Anonymously

Based on where in the world you are and what options you have available to you, you can read up on these guides and purchase BTC safely. These guides also include the list of best exchanges where you can try to buy the tokens at the lowest fees.

On top of that, the guides will show you multiple approaches along with the pros and cons of each approach.

Get a Wallet

The section right beside “Buy Crypto” is “Get a Wallet”. The tab is pretty self-explanatory. In case you’re not aware, regular online wallets are not suitable for holding cryptocurrencies as the backend protocol is totally different for fiat currencies.

Once you start hovering over the tab, you’ll find options for the best Bitcoin wallet apps, hardware wallets, and paper wallets. Each of these tabs has detailed guides including where you can learn about the pros and cons of using each type of wallet.

This is crucial and this step comes even before buying Bitcoin. Without a wallet, you can’t purchase because you don’t have a medium to store the tokens. Make sure you don’t try because it may result in a loss of money.

Trade Crypto

If you’re familiar with trading stocks or forex, it’s the same concept. However, crypto is an extremely volatile industry which means the risks are very high. In such a risky space, you need proper guidance to succeed. Or, not to get washed out, at least!

This is where the “Trade Crypto” tab on the main navigation bar at 99Bitcoins comes into play. You can learn about the best crypto exchanges to trade, and learn how to sell BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB, DOT, LTC, DOGE, and lots of other coins.

The great thing about these guides is that they cover the fundamentals of blockchains. It’s because the experts at 99Bitcoins realized way ahead of time that it’s the fundamentals that ensure the feasibility of a project.

Earn Crypto

The last tab on the main menu is “Earn Crypto”. This section covers the most attractive ways to generate passive income revenue using cryptocurrencies. You can use this section to make some extra on your assets other than using them on WildTornado games.

The areas that Earn Crypto sections cover include:

  • Bitcoin Mining
  • Staking Crypto
  • Lending Crypto
  • DeFi
  • Best Bitcoin Casinos
  • Crypto Affiliate Programs
  • Earn Interest in Crypto

Best Bitcoin Casinos

If you start sweeping the 99Bitcoins website from the top, the best Bitcoin casino page makes complete sense. WildTornado is proud to be one of the pioneers in the race of crypto casinos, Bitcoin being the primary force behind the paradigm shift.

A big benefit of playing at Bitcoin casinos such as WildTornado is that you deposit and withdraw with crypto. With a little bit of luck and lots of research, you may be able to predict the price action and profit by holding on to the Bitcoin you win. Don’t forget that the 2 infamous Papa John’s pizzas were worth almost $700 million at one point!

Wrapping Up

Again, we’re thankful for the wonderful review the peeps at 99Bitcoins did for WildTornado. Be sure to go read it to learn more about our platform. And we hope you will learn some very interesting aspects of the cryptocurrency industry from some of the most intelligent minds in the game. 



Wild Tornado Casino is a finalist in the LCB Awards 2022

It is a known fact that the iGaming industry is one of the most competitive: high-quality service, a great variety of games of popular brands, tournaments, jackpots, and other attractive proposals are the main success factors here. As you can notice, the list of necessary components for online casinos to be interesting for customers is extensive. This means that even under ideal circumstances, a lot of work remains. But in the end, the passage of this long and hard way certainly needs to be rewarded. And that’s what happened to the Wild Tornado Casino. In the Prime Perks category, we became a finalist in the LCB Awards 2022. And now we can proudly say that the bonuses and promotions we provided have worthily passed the test for a high level by demanding gamblers. The winners’ ceremony will be held in Malta on 15th November 2022.

In what categories is the LCB Awards 2022 given?

LCB Awards 2022 is a momentous event in the gambling industry. It was created to honor online casino and software brands whose high-quality service significantly contributed to the online gambling community and the iGaming industry. LCB Awards are given in six categories:

  • Best Online Casino
  • Helping Hand
  • Rising Star
  • Prime Perks
  • Live Dealer Games
  • Members Choice

Let us give you detailed information about the Prime Perks category. In addition to games, any online casino can provide bonuses and promotions: no deposit offers, casino spins, welcome bonuses, cashback bonuses, tournaments, giveaways, along with the Loyalty program and accompanying perks. That means that online casinos with the most unique and variety of bonus programs fall into this category. 

WildTornado VIP Program 

Why is The Wild Tornado Casino the one which became a finalist in the Prime Perks category? The answer is WildTornado VIP Program. What is that? It is a great and unique opportunity to take all the advantages of gambling as soon as you join Wild Tornado. Regular players will be rewarded for their loyalty by becoming part of Wild Tornado’s VIP program:

  1. Immediately after making an account, you will be part of the WildTornado VIP Program. 
  2. Your level depends on the amount of deposits made into the account over the lifetime! There are 7 levels – Tornado 1, Tornado 2, Tornado 3, Tornado Plus, Tornado VIP 1, Tornado VIP 2, and Tornado Master!

Tornado Points are a special currency that can be converted to a cash bonus with x10 wagering requirements by your request. You will receive 1 point for each €100 bet, and the exchange rate for 10 Tornado Points stands at €1.

Wild Tornado Casino Welcome Package 

New online casino members can get a kind of encouragement for registration, which is known as a welcome bonus. The Wild Tornado Casino provides its new customers a generous welcome package. It includes a 100% matched deposit bonus up to €1000 / 0.04 BTC (or currency equivalent) and 100 free spins. To claim the offer, simply make a minimum deposit of €10.

Cashback Wild Tornado Casino Bonuses

The online casino gives players a cashback bonus to make them continue betting. The casino cashback bonus`s principle is simple: the percentage of every deposit the casino gives back to you when you lose your bet. Wild Tornado Casino`s users can enjoy different cashback bonuses like weekly, exclusive cashback bonuses, etc.  


Being recognized in the Prime Perks category means a lot for our team, but most of all, we extend our gratitude to all our customers for their highest appreciation and trust. This recognition is helping us to get better each day and not be afraid of difficulties. And The Wild Tornado Casino Team is excited about a ceremony awarding the winners in Malta on 15th November 2022.


WildTornado Casino Editors Pick August 2022

Did you know that has been featured on Chipy? If you’re not aware, Chipy is one of the most reliable iGaming portals that share real reviews with potential players. It’s an honor for our platform to be featured as the Editor’s Pick of July 2022 among thousands of other brands. 

This might be the perfect time for you to try out the WildTornado Casino features that include over 6,000 games from the best providers in the industry. We also offer dedicated Bitcoin games with provably fair game results! 

Apart from the slots, we also offer the most popular table games like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Craps, Blackjack, etc. games. You can also play all of these games in live variants where real-life casino croupiers are going to guide you through the process. 

On top of the games, we’re really proud of our promotions. You’ll find all the details on the Chipy review page as well. We all know that promotions are an integral part of the iGaming industry. WildTornado has always been about what the player wants. Promotions like Lucky Hours, Wednesday Freepsins, and Sunday Cashback are excellent reflections of our effort. 

Not only promotions but we offer regular tournaments for our players. You get to win from a massive prize pool every day as well as every week. Just take a look into our slot of Week, Daily Tournament, Weekly Slots Tournament, and Welcome Tournament. 

How can we forget the VIP Program at our casino? You start on Tornado 1 and move through Tornado 2, Tornado 3, Tornado Plus, Tornado VIP 1, Tornado VIP 2, and Tornado Master as you spend more and more real money. The rewards for VIP players include massive cashbacks, lower wagering requirements, higher withdrawal limits, and higher max bet during the wagering period. 

Last but not least, we’re really proud of our payment methods because it’s an amazing blend of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. You may use the usual Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, Paysafecard, Interac, Instadebit, iDebit, and lots of other fiat currency methods. 

At the same time, you’re welcome to use Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Tether, and Litecoin to get instant withdrawals. 

In case you have any problems with our service, you can talk to the customer support agents anytime during the day. We offer localized support channels as well as international channels. 

We don’t want to brag about it but we believe you got the idea why Chipy chose us as the Editor’s Pick of the month!


Your Guide To Online Casino Bonuses

When playing at an online casino for real money, it can be very helpful to understand how casino bonuses work. Knowing what type of casino bonus to use to get the most value from playing your favorite casino games will definitely make your casino experience more enjoyable and profitable. This article explains how casino bonuses work and what type of bonus provides the best value. 


7 Reasons You Should Gamble Online

Nowadays, casino games can be easily accessed from the comfort of your home and at any time thanks to the existence of online casinos. There are many reasons why bettors find gambling online convenient and fun. Today, we discuss why punters prefer online casinos to land-based gambling dens. If you wish to know more, do keep reading!


How To Get More From Your Online Casino Session

Casino games, from slots to blackjack, are nothing but a bundle of fun. When you win, you celebrate it. When you lose, you don’t stress about it, as this is how life works. Yet, there is no shame in seeking to get more from your online casino session. As this is the area where we have a good experience, we can share some effective tips and tricks.


How To Get The Most Profitable Casino Bonus?

A profitable casino bonus is what excites players the most and makes them constantly be on the hunt for the best casino gifts out there. From free spins and sign-up gifts to deposit bonuses and plenty of other types of special rewards, casinos ubiquitously promise punters to prolong their playtime and provide them with better winning odds.


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Bitcoin gambling has revolutionized the way online gamblers fund their wagers and cash out their winnings, simplifying both processes and bringing plenty of advantages to players. Online casinos have therefore actively started embracing various types of cryptocurrency. As a result, today, online bettors have the pleasure of playing games not only with Bitcoin, the king of digital coins, but they can also gamble with many other high-profile electronic currencies, from Ripple to Litecoin. 


Best Online Casino Games

Online casinos burst with entertainment options. They offer bettors hundreds or even thousands of popular games, from slots to table classics. If you haven’t found your best game yet, you’re at the right place, lovely player! This article sheds light on the best online casino games and why you won’t want to miss those for anything. Keep reading to find out more!



Bitcoin And Gambling Are A Successful Duo

Players have had the pleasure of placing bets online for a few decades now. Online casinos have totally changed the face of gambling as they enabled players to play their games of choice from the comfort of their homes, where they have the chance to win impressive jackpots, participate in real-time roulette/poker action, etc. As miraculous and convenient as online gambling is, it still has its downsides. Even the best online casinos have faced such issues as lack of anonymity, slow transactions, high transfer charges, etc. This is why the emergence of Bitcoin online gaming websites was an absolute godsend and solved many existing problems related to online gambling. Not to mention, cryptocurrency online casinos delight bettors with impressive Bitcoin bonuses, providing players with winning chances that are simply out of this world.



Can Crypto Be Banned In The USA?

When a new form of currency known as Bitcoin appeared over a decade ago, the majority of people were convinced that the new digital money was some kind of a gimmick rather than a valuable asset worth investing in. As years have passed and cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of value and attention, people’s attitude towards Bitcoin has drastically changed and many consider it to be the best form of investment nowadays. As a result, countries such as the USA and many others are working on rules and regulations to legally introduce Bitcoin and other cryptos into people’s lives.



Crypto Gambling Online

Now, cryptocurrencies are a big thing in online casinos, the sweet places that keep treating gamblers to delicious Bitcoin bonuses, free spins, free crypto games, etc. From improved security to anonymity, cryptocurrency offers players numerous benefits. While the popularity of real money online casinos is on the decline, Bitcoin gaming websites continue growing in number. The selection of digital coins is also expanding, with online operators striving to satisfy the preferences of all sorts of bettors. Bitcoin, Ether, Tether, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash… and the list goes on. What coin makes for the best match for online crypto casinos? Keep reading to find out more!


Tips For Bitcoin Casino Players

Bitcoin is very popular nowadays. The currency has been at the top of its game lately when its price was over 60k. Even though a sharp decrease in its value followed – now it is trading at just over 38k, crypto analysts are quite optimistic about the future of the king of cryptos. The same optimism and devotion are demonstrated by online casino bettors who keep using Bitcoin when playing online casino games. As popular and promising as it is now, BTC is not in the mainstream yet. This means that getting some tips on how to get the most of BTC games when hitting online Bitcoin casinos may be a brilliant idea. This article will go through everything you will need to know before you are ready to dive into the sea of online BTC games.