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Today, consumers at online casinos have plenty of options when it comes to paying for games. Perhaps the most effective cashier methods in the eyes of the modern bettor are associated with cryptocurrency. That said, when selecting the place to gamble, more and more players direct their focus on crypto casinos, where they have the pleasure of choosing between various types of altcoins. 


This article discusses the advantages and challenges offered by some of the best cryptocurrency gaming portals. Read on to find out more!


Pros of betting with crypto:


  • Anonymity. Crypto enables players to gamble anonymously, no matter whether they play in a mobile casino, via a PC, or a laptop. Undoubtedly, this is one of the major benefits, especially for those who are not enthusiastic about declaring their gambling activities to banks or other authorities. Unlike traditional casinos, cryptocurrency online gaming portals will not require you to disclose your personal data and your financial details. To cash out your prize winnings, you need to do nothing more than sharing your digital wallet address with the casino operator. Undeniably, the anonymity associated with Bitcoin and similar coins gives crypto the edge over all types of traditional cashier methods in online casinos.


  • Security. Technically, cryptocurrency is nothing like the traditional type of paper money. The records of all transactions occurring on the system are kept on numerous computers (nodes) across the globe. This means that your transactions are safe from system hackers. Bad actors would have to make changes to numerous nodes on various servers, which is hardly possible. On top of that, everyone has access to the ledger, it is public and transparent. So there is nothing to break in and see. This is not the case, however, with traditional money systems where your credit card passwords and other sensitive data are vulnerable to cyberattacks.


  • Transaction speed. Another major advantage brought to the table by Bitcoin gambling is speedy payment transactions. Crypto is a decentralized type of electronic currency. As such, it eliminates the third parties’ assistance when it comes to the process of payment approval. This makes it possible for crypto transactions to be complete within just minutes or even a few seconds. Smashing withdrawal speeds are something highly desirable when it comes to the preferences of a player. It’s no wonder that modern bettors prefer the crypto payment method to traditional cashier options where payment approvals may take many days.


  • Low transaction fees. Humble transaction costs are another reason why you should think of switching to a crypto mobile casino. Digital coins enable you to save significant sums of money on transactions, as the transfer fees are usually negligible, especially compared to those charged by banks. 


  • Profitable casino bonuses and generous promos. The bonuses dished out by the best Bitcoin casinos are way more generous than the casino rewards based on fiat money. Crypto Welcome Gifts might be worth a few thousand dollars while match bonuses, free spins, and cashback rewards on crypto gaming websites are mouth-watering. More often than not, crypto games also consist of especially lucrative in-game bonus rounds. This is yet another reason why gambling with Bitcoin and other types of coins is usually more beneficial than playing with paper money.


Cons of betting with crypto:


  • Crypto is hugely unstable. There are many factors that can affect the crypto value swings, and these swings may be big and scary. Crypto’s crazy volatility may wipe out your casino prize winnings in the blink of an eye. This is the reason why some gamblers are skeptical about gambling with Bitcoin or other similar coins. Of course, the price swing may work to your advantage as well. Crypto is a double-edge sword bringing many advantages as it does challenges. 


  • Unlicensed crypto casinos. Due to the lack of regulations when it comes to digital money, some crypto casinos may do their business without licensing. It doesn’t necessarily mean that such places are fraudulent and should be avoided, but if something goes wrong, you are on your own. For this reason, you should take the time to check whether the selected gaming website is trusted and reliable. 

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