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The revolution in the world of online gambling provided a huge number of people around the world with a chance to pursue their passions. Online casinos have opened opportunities that, sadly, didn’t use to be available for millions of people. Another side of the coin, however, has also shown itself – the safety of players’ funds became a real issue, and players were in a dire need of a much greater security standard. And Bitcoin casino have proved to excellently tackle the issue in question.


To come to a sensible decision on whether to get the ball rolling on Bitcoin gambling, you have to possess comprehensive information on all pros and cons of such a crypto option. Keep reading to find out whether Bitcoin casinos are your cup of tea.


  • Bitcoin offers absolute anonymity in terms of financial transactions. Therefore, your private life is hidden from prying eyes.
  • Fees are extremely low. That’s why Bitcoin gambling is a cheap option. This is again because a third party is not involved.
  • Limits disappear. Bitcoin enables you to transfer as much as you would like. In addition, in case a casino’s currency options do not meet your payment preferences, Bitcoin can be a perfect option.
  • Instant transactions. Bitcoin allows you to deposit and withdraw your money instantly. This is possible because there is no need for a third party to process the transactions in question.
  • The only payment method. Online gambling is not legally allowed in many countries. That said, playing online games becomes a privilege of Bitcoin holders.


  • The value of Bitcoin is susceptible to big volatility. That’s why you will constantly have to keep track of the price of your cryptocurrency to make your wins most lucrative.
  • Cyberattack. Sadly, hackers are an inherent part of the transactions which are made online. But that is only a Bitcoin wallet that is put in jeopardy under such circumstances.


In terms of games themselves, such as slot machines, Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, playing with Bitcoins features no different from conventional gambling. The games in question have the same rules, so you play and bet similarly.

The paths of Bitcoin and conventional gambling diverge only when it comes to bonuses. The offers for cryptocurrency games tend to be not as attractive as those for regular ones. But, as you consider the advantages of Bitcoin transaction fees and the time which is saved, the cryptocurrency still proves to be more rewarding.

If you play slots with Bitcoins and target first of all at winning, we would advise choosing the games with progressive jackpots and focus on best odds and payouts. The attractiveness of bonuses and graphics should recede into the background.

While playing roulette, baccarat, blackjack, the approach of progressive betting is less advisable. Applying this kind of strategy requires excellent bankroll management, and only seasoned players can use it well. Moreover, Bitcoin prices are rather volatile, and thus approaches in question – for instance, a Martingale – will not be beneficial even in case of winning. So, we would recommend adopting an approach of wagering the same amount.


The world has seen an exponential spread of online Bitcoin casinos, and as a result, the number of those who apply deceitful methods and ploys in running their gambling businesses has automatically mushroomed. That is why you must be 100% sure that the platform you’ve chosen is reliable and highly secure. Holding the license issued by Curacao jurisdiction, WildTornado casino guarantees the absolute safety of your Bitcoins. Moreover, it has been acknowledged as a trusted and player-oriented gambling platform by several independent portals. Last but not least, holding a reputation of a leading Bitcoin casino, it is renowned for very fast Bitcoin payouts – a striking edge over the competitors!