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Looking at the increased volatility of the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, many have been wondering if it would be worth investing or trading Bitcoin. Looking at the past erratic behavior of Bitcoin over the past two years, it is safe to say that the predicted value will be just that, a prediction. However, those that invested smartly have most certainly reaped the benefits as even though



Bitcoin is a versatile currency, some have profited significantly from Bitcoin and more online companies are adopting Bitcoin as a payment method. So what is the Bitcoin price prediction for this year and is it worth looking into as a trader or a buyer?


The Market Prediction Price for Bitcoin in 2019



The forecast on the price of Bitcoin 2019 has been rumored to hopefully hit $20 000 or even a staggering $50 000, which is very likely regardless of the nosedive Bitcoin took in 2018. Although there have been many positive predictions regarding the future of Bitcoin, there has yet to be substantial analysis to put merit behind this prediction, that is up until now. Technology has proven its love for cryptocurrency due to its private and secure nature. More companies are noting the value of the coin and unknowingly adding value to Bitcoin, the masses rule and Bitcoin seems to be loved by all.


Another contributing factor to the successful future of Bitcoin has been determined by the US Securities and Exchange Commission. They have allowed investors to enter crypto which is bound to widen the market as well as expel many competitors, leaving only those in the know free to trade.


Should someone make an incredibly erroneous mistake and lose a painstakingly large amount of Bitcoin down the line, Bitcoin prices are bound to shoot up as the crypto is limited to the ‘said’ amount and lost Bitcoin can never be replaced. This means traders will need to pay more for Bitcoin, adding value to the currency, until more are made through blockchain technology.


Finally, BTC is gaining free publicity through word of mouth. The more people speak about it, the more traction the coin gains and adds to the value itself. All of these factors vote in favor of the coin reaching the $20 000 prediction forecast in 2019.



Weighing Up Past Predictions with Current Predictions



Currently, the year started on a good note for Bitcoin. More platforms are offering Bitcoin, mobile users can now access the cryptocurrency and gamers can even enjoy earning a coin here and there. The popularity of BTC seems to be making a moderate comeback and weary investors are relaxing their shoulders again. With that being said, Bitcoin has yet to impress those who were severely impacted by the downfall of Bitcoin last year. However, there does seem to be a silver lining with the stable growth of Bitcoin over the past few weeks.


The bottom line is past predictions were to the moon high, surpassing the sky. Experts were predicting a massive increase in value in 2018. Some predictions were as high as $160 000! That was until the ball fell and Bitcoin lost incredible value beginning of 2018. Now predictions seem to be more level-headed, a bit more educated and experts seemed to have learned a valuable lesson about the volatile nature of Bitcoin. Currently, most forecasts have been resting on $25 000, a seemingly acceptable number and one many hope to land on, especially investors.



Our Conclusion on the Bitcoin Forecast of 2019



Although current predictions are all positive, we don’t want to assume the cryptocurrency will reach an all-time high very soon. It’s a safe bet that the coin will certainly rise at a steady pace, but who is to say it won’t decline as it did last year. One positive fact working in favor of future predictions is Bitcoin players have kept the faith and as a result, the currency has been making a comeback, albeit a gradually slow one. By 2020 Bitcoin should have indeed risen to the $25 000 marks, if not, higher than the estimated $25 000. Time will tell and in the meantime, we can only watch with avid anticipation until it finally hits the mark.



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