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Let us invite you to get a sneak peek at the upcoming blockbuster game by NetEnt!

One of the most celebrated and accomplished software providers, NetEntertainment, is currently in full-steam preparation for an upcoming game release! To be more specific, NetEnt’s

technology whizzes are hammering away at “Narcos” – the slot game that definitely could do with very little introduction!


The Idea for the Branded Game


The whole world of cinematography was taken by storm with the story of the infamous bandido Pablo Escobar. Three seasons of the Narcos TV show did what history lessons at school most likely failed to do. They carved the name of the real life figure, Columbian drug cartel multi-billionaire, Pablo Escobar, in minds of millions of people around the world, along with his dark, gripping and thoroughly blood-infused life tale.


The film turned out to be such a sensation that Narcos fans are thirsty for more of the seedy deeds sequences of this crime drama. Unsurprisingly, their thirst will be quenched, as they were promised a spin-off.


Thus, NetEnt’s slot game Narcos is likely to come out in combination with the much anticipated season 4 of the TV series in the dusk of 2018.




The reels will swarm with action and the legendary Pablo himself will be the pushing force for it. Without a doubt, the encounter with this most influential cocaine kingpin heralds an unnerving twist. Yet players are likely to rake in an impressively sizable chunk of cash from Escobar, should they have the guts to approach him in full force! You may also stumble upon other cocaine barons who are less powerful, still their decent contribution to your bankroll is going to cut it.


Furthermore, the slot game will put you between the rock and the hard place! That said, you will be prompted to make a choice of either doing the dirty job for Medellin cartel or assisting the drug enforcement team. While the former option will give you the fairy-tale riches soaked in the river of blood, the latter – knowing Pablo – is likely to make you bite the dust!


As for now, we don’t have a choice but to wait with bated breath for this promising branded title till late in 2018.


Stay with us, we’ll keep you updated!

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Best of luck!