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The request from players for honesty and at the same time the evolution of crypto technologies gave the development of new transparent systems for checking the outcomes of the game called Provably fair feature. This can be described as an algorithm that is used to analyze and verify results of the game. 


BGaming team developed its own result verification system for online slots. Marina Ostrovtsova, director of BGaming explained: “We started developing slots in the early days of the cryptocurrencies boom, so this feature pretty much comes from our history as well. We are proud to state that BGaming was the first slot game developer to introduce Provably fair into the casino content world. BGaming’s Provably Fair system unites the best aspects from the existing alternatives. Why did we build it? We wanted to offer the players something extra besides the games and we were smart enough to adjust our system to the best user experience.” In simple terms, BGaming algorithm is based on a cryptographic method that ensures that the outcome of the round is unaffected by the player’s bet and that the player cannot know the outcome before the actual gameplay. 

What games are Provably Fair?

Being a pioneer in producing Provably Fair games, BGaming draws its attention to widen the lineup of titles that can be checked by the Provably Fair algorithm. Today BGaming’s portfolio includes 35 games such as online roulette, video poker, card games, and many online slots. For example, hits brand’s slots such as Aztec Magic Deluxe, Lucky Lady Clover and Fire Lightning support Provably Fair feature. 

How to check your result?

To verify your results, you need to open a game and Provably Fair widget.

Before the game starts the algorithm calculates the game outcome called Result, and generates a random string called Secret for each round. Afterward, the data is hashed using the SHA-256 algorithm and the Hash (Result + Secret) is passed to the player.

Before the actual bet a player can place the Client seed to special input. There are two options for players: using a number randomly chosen by the system or pick own number. 

The actual gameplay is happening. At this point, the algorithm takes the Client Seed and applies it to Result. Applying Client Seed to Result is different considering the type of game you are playing. You can find the description of each method below.

Once the round is completed the algorithm passes the Result + Secret and Final Result to a player.

Having this Result + Secret you can actually verify if the Hash player received is the same with the one that any hash generator can create. For a detailed description, please follow the link

Top Provably Fair slots by BGaming 

Fire Lightning. One of the most popular slots in BGaming’s portfolio, Fire Lightning is inspired by the times of Ancient Greece. The game reflects the two greatest Sources: Divine and Man. The slot attracts newcomers and experienced players’ attention with Free spins, Wild symbols, and Gamble round. Moreover, the Provably Fair feature makes the gameplay clear and safe.

Aztec Magic Deluxe. Along with Fire Lightning, the Aztec Magic Deluxe slot is loved by many players worldwide. The setting in the game revolves around the mysterious Aztec culture, with appropriate symbols such as blood-colored faces and golden solar coins along with the matching background. There are Wild and Scatter symbols hidden in the slot to increase winnings more and more! 

Mechanical orange. One of the most extraordinary games in the brand’s lineup, the Mechanical Orange slot has an unusual form of an orange slice. Unusual visualization with smooth gameplay and a classic twist of steampunk style won’t leave you indifferent. A distinctive feature is that the reels spin from left to right. The scheme of the game is 3х3 with 1 winning line. The provably fair video slot with portrait mode available on mobile devices specially created for players’ maximum convenience and pleasant pastime in general!