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At WildTornado Casino, we’d like to summon gambling enthusiasts from around the world, especially those who are true Roulette aficionados! Why? Today, we have prepared such glad tidings for all the fans of roulette, and we simply can’t wait to share our story on how one lucky player hit it big!

Without further ado, let us introduce to you a fortunate player nicknamed Hunter88 who has earned a whopping $22,280 by playing his favorite game – Roulette!

Here’s how it all happened

July 24th has proved to be a fantastic day for Hunter88 – it gave him the so much coveted chills of the victory and the unmatched thrills of gambling success!

But first things first, it was early morning when the lucky player was in the spirit of spinning the color wheel of NetEnt’s Live Roulette. As he related later, he was determined to make a killing out of the mixture of the decent budget within his grasp, his gambling ardor, and the fascinating Roulette game. Indeed, the generous total bet of $2,343 on the 12 black numbers and the 8 red ones, was the first to work wonders for the player. With that being said, the winning red number 5 awarded him a massive $8,467.2 in prize money! Interestingly, the color red was a popular winning color throughout the fruitful game for Hunter88. As such, 2 red numbers, 23 and 9, rewarded the player with formidable winnings of $12,741 and $9,072 respectively. There were a couple of unfortunate spins, as it naturally happens with a game of chance, but nevertheless, the winnings added up to a rather handsome win.

What helped this lucky player succeed?

Roulette is widely regarded as a game that entirely depends on luck. As such, no one can foresee the outcome of the wheel’s spinning. However, savvy Roulette players managed to come up with certain strategies even in this game of chance, and as they claim some methods can help boost the winning odds significantly.

At Wildtorndo, we can’t help but take our hat off to the skillful game that Hunter88 played. In fact, we didn’t fail to ask him about his strategic steps at Roulette. Quite fantastically, our lucky winner was rather willing to share the secrets of his own. This is what he said:

“It doesn’t work all the time, but I look at which color appears to be winning, and focus on this one rather than the other. This time this strategy has cut it perfectly. I mean, like never before.”

Sounds like no rocket science is involved, doesn’t it?

NetEnt’s Live Roulette

As we’re winding up this awesome success story, we’d like to invite you to try your luck while spinning the wheel of NetEnt’s fascinating Roulette game. It’s worth noting that this game features one zero, and for this reason, it is categorized as a European Roulette game. Unlike the American version of Roulette with a house edge of 5.3%, the European variation comes with twice as little advantage for the casino. Thus, the winning odds of Roulette by NetEnt will not disappoint you.

If you succumb to the temptation of browsing through WildTornado’s table games portfolio, you will be no doubt startled by multiple versions of Roulette, as well as a myriad of other fascinating table games and slot machines. So welcome on board to start playing your fave right now!

You’re bound to emulate the success of Hunter88! Best of luck!