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Betting strategies have been around as long as the games themselves. And as far as online roulette is concerned, the range of strategies is endless.


By nature, roulette is a game that depends on luck. It’s difficult to tell the exact location the ball will land, regardless of how often you practice to perfect your psychic skills! However, while there’s no way that you can manipulate the roulette wheel or the ball for that matter, there are a



number of strategies that have been formulated specifically to help you manage your bankroll and boost your chances of winning over the short term. One of these strategies is the Fibonacci roulette strategy.


But, before you can rush off to read and start trying out this age-old roulette system, it’s important to emphasize that playing roulette carries an element of risk. This means that you aren’t 100% assured of any wins.



What is the Fibonacci roulette system?



The Fibonacci system usually uses a very simple and straightforward mathematical theory.

  • You create the system starting with 1. After that, the system progresses by adding previous two numbers
  • You’ll be using the system to place your roulette bets
  • Using the standard approach of the system, you begin with 1 then again 1 since you don’t have two previous numbers. When you add 1+1, you get 2; 2+1 gets you 3; 3+2 gets you 5; 5+3 gets you 8; 8+5 gets you 13. This can continue until you reach a point where you want to stop.


Therefore, basically, when you are using the Fibonacci system, you’ll be moving one step every time you lose and two steps behind for every win recorded. This is aimed at covering your previous loses as well as enabling you to make a neat profit. In fact, the Fibonacci system works magic if you happen to be on a winning spree.  

The Advantages Of Using The Fibonacci System



The main advantage of using the Fibonacci system is that it’s relatively safe. Thanks to this, your losses will be at the minimum, especially if you start with an affordable initial bet. For instance, if you’d place eight successive bets using this system, your highest loss will be around €21. However, if you use the Martingale system, the eighth bet will result in a €256 loss for the same bet placed using the Fibonacci system.


This makes the Fibonacci system a good start for newbies who want to learn about roulette betting without the prospect of incurring serious losses. Players who are also playing on a tight budget will find this a perfect strategy.


The other advantage is that as the Fibonacci sequence progresses, your chances of suffering more losses than wins are high, but you’d still manage to make a decent profit.


Disadvantages Of Using The Fibonacci System



Yet, the disadvantage of using the Fibonacci system is also very evident. As you progress through the sequence, you could be spending so much money, all for the prospect of winning a pound.  


Conclusion – so how effective is the Fibonacci system?



If you are an avid roulette player and know more about the Martingale betting system, you’ll agree with us that the Fibonacci system is a much safer option. In both cases, you get to profit with a single unit. However, in the Fibonacci system, you are much safer in the event of a loss. From the outgoing example, we have eight losses in one series, and the highest bet is €21. This is far much less when compared to the €256 produced by the Martingale system.


While there’s no 100% guarantee of wins, it seems to us that the Fibonacci is the more profitable one.


How about giving this system a go at any one of WildTornado’s roulette games that rest in our famously rich table games portfolio? While doing so, ensure you play within safe limits!