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How to choose a great Bitcoin Jackpot Slot

Bitcoin has proved to work wonders again and again turning a plethora of ordinary people into multi-millionaires in the blink of an eye. Its value was a meager few dollars back in 2011, whereas, by the end of 2017, it has soared to an impressive height of 20 thousand dollars. Those who in their very early days were either lucky or prudent enough to adopt the cryptocurrency in question drew a treasure lottery ticket, however, all the rest eager to catch up with the success of the former still have a chance to try their luck. Now we are about to walk you through Bitcoin jackpot opportunities, the best Bitcoin reels to spin, and the story of a real big Bitcoin win. In case you are eager to plunge into one of the Bitcoin slots, check out our Bitcoin slots collection below.


Top 5 Slots With The Best Bonus Games

As a mobile Casino, Wild Tornado Casino offers players the ability to play bonus games straight from their smartphones. The mobile platform is incredibly fast, convenient, and safe, some of the top reasons we are always going to recommend players to use it!

At Wild Tornado, we normally don’t discriminate against other platforms, which means that all your favorite slots can be played as you wish. You can use your PC or Laptop to quickly start playing casino games.


A Mind-blowing Blackjack Win at WildTornado

The best bus ride of his life. Meet Timothy who won €5K on his way to work!

Wild Tornado player wins €10,759 on a €300 Bet on NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack on July 6, 2018

Who said that bus rides always have to be boring? It sure wasn’t Timothy who got a lucky break on his way to work while playing NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack. Our friend, a retired plumber, shared with us how he won a mind-boggling €10,759 on a €300 bet whilst playing at Wild Tornado Casino.


Best Football Slot for the World Cup summer

Do you think all the thrill takes place in the football arenas only? No way! The great news is that WildTornado, knowing how a real good football slot game can inspire a football fan with the passion, thrill, and entertainment, is rushing to prompt you to score your own goals! We solemnly introduce the list of the best football-themed slots to catch in the 2018 World Cup summer.


10 Best NetEnt Slot Games

Net Entertainment, otherwise known as NetEnt, are the king of mobile slots. They have been in the online casino industry for a while now, and have more than 200 quality slots under their belt. Some of these games are simple classic slot machines, others are contemporary video slots, while others are progressive jackpot slots with prizes worth millions of Euros. In all this time they’ve been online, they’ve managed to develop some really remarkable games and you can play most of them at WildTornado Casino online.


The best online casino table games to play

There is a wide variety of table games at casinos, and each game has its idiosyncrasies and attractions. Today we are determined to walk you through the most played online table games. The list includes some of the more conventional titles that are proven sources of most vivid gambling entertainment.


Norse-Themed Slots – The Best In WildTornado Portfolio

Have you ever felt like there’s just not enough Viking in your life? At WildTornado, we often feel like. And whenever the urge to sport a gingerbread grows or wields a hefty ax and torch down several villages, we simply fire up reels of some of our Norse and Scando-themed video slot games instead. This is much better than causing maximum carnage and extreme mayhem in real life.


Top 5 Progressive Jackpot Slots

All jackpots online casinos have presented many progressive jackpot slots, each offering a unique theme, bonus features, winning values and of course, various jackpot values. Of course, the value of the progressive jackpots makes a huge difference, but there are a few things to consider such as whether you can play free jackpot games online or for real money. The biggest progressive jackpots in the world, tend to provide much lower odds of winning since so many players are aiming to win the very same jackpots.