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Cryptocurrency carries ample advantages for players, which puts online Bitcoin games at the forefront of the digital gambling market. To be able to attract more people into their gambling dens, online casino operators massively start to embrace digital coins, from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Litecoin. They will also offer punters the best bonus, Bitcoin bonus, if to be clear. 

Many Bitcoin casinos still have fiat money options on offer. Those players, however, who choose traditional methods of paying for online gambling entertainment keep dropping in number. So is the day when most of the online casinos will go totally crypto just around the corner? And why do Bitcoin casinos enjoy a massive player base? This article is about to provide you with the answers, so do keep reading.



No one wants to pay more if they have the chance to pay less. We bet you agree with this one. Well, this is exactly what cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin can provide you with. To be clear, the way transactions in Bitcoin work is completely different from how the process of transferring fiat money is performed. The former is completely decentralized, with no third parties involved in making transactions. That way, you are free from paying intimidating transaction fees associated with traditional currencies to central banks or other financial companies. In contrast, Bitcoin transaction charges are pretty modest or even zero sometimes. Not to mention, deposits and withdrawals in cryptocurrency take just minutes while cashing out your winnings via banks might take days. Isn’t it reason enough to stick to Bitcoin casinos and enjoy a fees-free gaming experience?


Bonuses and promotions


Do generous bonuses and promotions from online casinos move your heart? If yes, Bitcoin gambling may be exactly what you need. The reason being that with the decentralized nature of digital money, crypto casinos can keep costs down (they pay shy transaction charges). This enables them to dish out extra attractive bonus offers to their beloved players, a luxury a traditional online casino cannot afford. For example, the WildTornado Bitcoin online casino gives away a dream of a Welcome Gift. $1,000 worth in BTC is how the good WildTornado people greet new players.


Fair games


Perhaps you have already heard about provably fair games. If not, we are happy to fill you in on the concept.


This kind of online games is exclusive to crypto casinos. Built on cutting-edge blockchain technology, provably fair online entertainers are open-source, meaning that they can provide you with access to special keys generated by complicated mathematical algorithms and enabling you to verify the game outcome. As these keys are kept on the blockchain, the highly sophisticated technology that is virtually immune to manipulation, it is impossible to change them in any way. So if you want your online casino games 200% fair, provably fair BTC creations are the name of your game. 




Being anonymous while playing online games is what some punters desire. Online Bitcoin casinos can give them this satisfaction as this type of casino does not require player personal information when it comes to cashing out crypto winnings. Also, banks will know nothing about the gambling activity of their account holders. 




Last but not least, a high level of security of BTC transactions is another reason why players prefer to fund their online casino wagers in Bitcoin. Blockchain technology proves to be highly effective in eliminating scams as the way the transactions are verified is complex and sophisticated enough to ensure safety and security. The digital signatures of hundreds of nodes (computers) are necessary before the transaction is approved. This guarantees Bitcoin wallet holders stress-free deposits and withdrawals.


Final Words…


Bitcoin casinos delight gambling enthusiasts with tons of free Bitcoin games, all packing ample perks for punters, the perks that are unavailable in regular online casinos. So if you wish to have the pleasure of swimming in a sea of online gaming advantages, Bitcoin gambling will offer you those. 


Also, when it comes to the best free BTC games, from trending free slots (no download) to free blackjack, roulette, and many more, you can enjoy those at the licensed WildTornado Bitcoin online casino. This is where lavish bonuses are given away daily to the masses of happy players. Why don’t you join those?