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Discover A Vibrant Variety Of Top-Notch Slots By EvoPlay


We, at WildTornado Casino, are perpetually keeping our finger on the pulse of the best gaming developments in the industry. Thus, there is no chance ever that our players can miss an opportunity to play a highly entertaining and up to the mark game creation by one of the top-notch providers in the world.


Iron Girl SLot – the Latest Delicacy from Play’N Go


Award-winning gaming developer, Play’N Go, released Iron Girl at the beginning of October 2018 bringing in a new take on Anime to the casino gaming industry. Space meets all things Anime in this gaming creation and delivers an interactive gaming design to players seeking


Treat Me Like Fire: Latest Underground Gambling Saga


Friday has already opened its arms widely to embrace millions of grinders across the globe and promise them hours of fun and relaxation. That said, WildTornado has come up with a great weekend watch for you!


48,000x The Stake In Secrets of Da Vinci’s Treasure By Pragmatic


Historians fairly regard Leonardo da Vinci as the most imaginative, versatile and gifted individual throughout all the ages of human existence. We know him best as the inventor of the parachute and the helicopter, as well as the creator of the most recognized painting in the world – Mona


Crypto Now: Down The Slope, Tim Draper’s Predictions


In the realm of cryptocurrencies, September 18 served itself in the red. Bitcoin lost a big chunk of its value; 200 dollars to be more precise, with its market capitalization sinking to 193.000.000 dollars in a matter of a couple of hours. Additionally, within the same time frame, estimated losses in the performance of the biggest cryptocurrencies amount to more than 10%,


The Big Winner In Our New European Roulette by Belatra


Most people believe that to win big at european roulette, usually requires you to be lucky. After all, you’ll just be throwing the white ball on a moving wheel, which may or may not land on your predicted spot. The game offers you 37 chances of winning. Land your predicted win, and you could easily be up for a big win! Otherwise, you could lose it all.


Vikings by NetEnt: Upcoming Forecasted Slots Hit


It’s quite hard to not feel the anticipation and pleasure of something truly exciting. Every now and then, you may feel joyful about an expected event that will happen soon. You may be enthusiastic, inspired, or elated for days, weeks, or even months. In all honesty, the happy feeling of such a joyful expectation often seems to be a bit more tangible than those emotions you experience


Top 6 Songs About Gambling


The Eagles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and AC/DC were among hundreds of artists who paid tribute to one of the most popular and loved recreational activities in the world known as gambling. These artists knew


Vegas VIP Gold: the Fiercest New Release and The Best of Booming Games Slots

Booming Games is amongst the leading gaming software brands, right up there with the best online software developers. Currently, the innovative gaming brand is set to steal the spotlight by introducing one of the hottest online video slots to date. Taking a look at what’s booming in


Gambling: Good Health Effects

Let gambling be your best medicine: health effects of playing at a casino!

The research speaks volumes

The research conducted by scientists from the School of Medicine at Yale prompted quite a few interesting revelations. The findings were published in the American Journal of Psychiatry


How to choose a great Bitcoin Jackpot Slot

Bitcoin has proved to work wonders again and again turning a plethora of ordinary people into multi-millionaires in the blink of an eye. Its value was a meager few dollars back in 2011, whereas, by the end of 2017, it has soared to an impressive height of 20 thousand dollars. Those who in their very early days were either lucky or prudent enough to adopt the cryptocurrency in question drew a treasure lottery ticket, however, all the rest eager to catch up with the success of the former still have a chance to try their luck. Now we are about to walk you through Bitcoin jackpot opportunities, the best Bitcoin reels to spin, and the story of a real big Bitcoin win. In case you are eager to plunge into one of the Bitcoin slots, check out our Bitcoin slots collection below.


Best Withdraw Methods in Online Casinos

Picture this for a minute: you are seated somewhere enjoying your casino game, relaxed and at the same time thrilled from the suspense created by the game you are playing. And even though you are having your highs and lows playing the game, you are sure that you are bound to nail it given the sure-fire strategy that you are using. And just when your bankroll is almost going to zero – you land the Mega Win.


14 Best Gambling Quotes of All Times

Not so many people are aware of this but do you know that the first gambling game was invented back in 700 B.C? According to numerous legends, back in the day, three men rolled dice to determine what share of the Universe each of them would own. The men in question were the three most powerful Gods – Zeus, who won himself heaven, Hades, who won himself hell, and Poseidon, whose gambling prize was the sea.



Top 5 Traits of Professional Gamblers

Let’s face it, whether it’s a game of luck, such as a slot machine, roulette, or one that requires skill, like poker, baccarat or craps, only a few people have managed to successfully come up with a working strategy to win.

But what does it take to become one of the few players? What is needed to be not just a leisure gambler, but a great one? What does it take to thrive on playing your favourite game? If you are striving to become the cream of the crop of the gambling society, you are supposed to come up with sensible answers to those questions.


How to Spend a Lottery Jackpot

The everyday person has probably dreamt once or twice about winning the lottery and has a ready-to-go list of items that they would get first.

Winning big in the lottery or at an online casino is exciting, but when the excitement dies down it is important to assess what the right thing to do with your money will be. We’ve taken a look at the biggest jackpot wins, what players have done with their winnings and what important aspects you need to remember should you strike it rich.