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What amazing news we are about to share at WildTornado Casino!

From now on our website users can rely on their voice commands to instantly find their favourite games. Isn’t it just wonderful?

“Trifles make perfection, and perfection is no trifle”, Michelangelo Buonarroti. We do hold the words of the renowned artist dear, strongly believing that a small thing can contribute to a vast improvement. Likewise, a voice search option, a voice search button in the search string is a small addition, yet it makes a real difference to a user who would like to kick off a game fast and easily.

How to search for games with your voice:

  • Whether you’re using a smartphone or a laptop, or any other device that you choose to play online games on, simply turn on voice search – press the microphone button on the right of the game search line.
  • You will see the voice search button become, which means that the voice search function is activated and you can then say the name of the game you wish to find.
  • Here you go! Your game pops up on the screen in the blink of an eye – the magic of the voice search option!


A desire to provide WildTornado online casino website users with first-class comfort constantly urges us to seek improvement. A huge number of demanding players at our website along with the cutting-edge technology at our fingertips makes it possible for WildTornado to be the first casino in the world that offers the option of games voice search, which is already appreciated by thousands of players worldwide. And we are so proud to invite all our players to take advantage of it!


For the time being, the voice search option is available for Google Chrome users only, however, in the foreseeable future, the technology in question is expected to embrace a wider range of browsers.


Enjoy the smoothest and the most efficient experience at the best and very first games voice search casino in the world! Use the new voice search option at WildTornado casino and get more pleasure from your favorite games!