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“Is poker your cup of tea?”, “Does it earn you decent money constantly?” As far as our mega-skillful poker player, nicknamed Batman, is concerned, the answer to these two straightforward questions is “Sure thing”! And quite compelling proof of that is the bursting-at-the-seams sack of prizes he went away with from our online casino!

Batman’s choice fell on BGaming Texas Hold’em Poker, and over the period of about 4 months of being engrossed in the game in question, his play has proven to go from strength to strength. For instance, yesterday he managed to win yet another enviable prize of $1030. Within about 10 minutes of genuinely fascinating playtime, he had a one-pair hand and a two-pair hand – four times each, as well as a straight hand twice; and the highlights of his game were two flush hands and a full house hand. Wow! Here is what being on the crest of the wave in a poker game means!

It takes the right mindset and a good strategy

Upon answering the question of how he manages to constantly do the trick, Batman maintained that in poker, everything should revolve around making solid decisions that will inevitably lead to good results. As he related: “ I don’t live in a fool’s paradise anticipating a winning hand each time. My target is to make the best of each and every session. To this end, I simply try to come up with a sensible decision every time”.

BGaming offers you poker thrills

Texas Hold’em Poker by BGaming springs from a conventional poker game highly enjoyed in poker halls around the world. The main difference between the two is that when playing the former, a player competes with other individuals for the best possible hand consisting of 5 cards (dealing with 2 hole cards (face down) and 5 community cards (face up), the former while having the same purpose, is played only against the dealer.

Hands results of BGaming’s Texas Hold’em Poker:

  • If a player’s hand is beaten by the dealer’s one, a player loses all his or her bets.
  • In case the two hands (a player’s and the dealer’s) tie, a push is announced and a player gets his/her bets back.
  • If a player’s hand – a Straight hand or higher -beats the dealer’s hand, all of the bets are paid 1:1.
  • If a player’s hand is of a lower value than a Straight and beats the dealer’s hand, it’s a push for the Ante bet, while the Flop, Turn and River are paid 1:1.

Here at WildTornado casino we can’t help but invite you to get your piece of the pie playing the most worshipped poker game in the world – Texas Hold’em. On our website, it comes in 2 versions – BGaming’s and 1×2 Gaming. Each of them is highly regarded by our players and ensures your exciting time.

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Immerse yourself into the thrills of poker and emerge victoriously! Best of luck!