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Poker isn’t a complex casino game – contrary to what people think. Learning the fundamental rules and mastering which hands to play is something that you can do in minutes. This is the easy part. But it’s mastering the way of playing – and making poker a source of earning money consistently – that can take you a lifetime.



For the newbies, it’s important that you learn how to balance the excitement and fun of playing poker with the heavy losses that you can quickly accumulate if you have no clue of what you are playing. How will you play as one of the big players in the industry? Below are tips that you need to use if you seek to improve your odds of winning against other players.

Have Pre Flop and Post Flop Strategies



There are plenty of pre-flop and post-flop poker strategies online. And any successful poker player has to have an excellent strategy to be successful in the game. It’s worth noting that the pre-flop play builds onto post-flop play, which implies that one strategy has to complement the other in a single hand.  

Pre-flop Strategies



  • Desist from slow-playing
  • Use aggressive gameplay any time you have strong hole cards
  • Anytime you are raising, your raise should be 3-4× the largest blind
  • Be wary of your position while playing – always start tight and only loosen up when you are in a better position
  • Your body language speaks a lot, stay aware of it at all times
  • Keep your eye on your opponents’ stack sizes

Post-flop Strategies



  • Avoid coin flips
  • Folding is very important
  • Avoid being overly aggressive

Know when to attack or defend dead money



Dead money is a metaphor used to refer to the chips of players who would have folded. You are usually bound to come across this term more in poker tournaments, where stacks of chips are involved. While they usually say that the good things will happen to players who wait, we believe better things will happen to those who seize a winning opportunity by the collar!

Being patient in poker as you wait for the good hands might be a safe strategy but if you have to consistently win, you have to incorporate attacking and defending dead money.

Stack Size



It’s also important to say that determining the size of your stack is essential in each hand you play. Without assessing the potential risk that exists based on the stack sizes, you can easily get yourself in more trouble than you are looking for. It has always been said that online poker is a game of money that’s played with cards. Therefore, without being aware of stack size and the amount of money that’s at stake on any given hand, you can be in serious trouble without even realizing it.  

You can easily avoid the traps of stack size. All you need to do is estimate the stack size of your opponents – and be aware of how many chips you are holding – at the start of a hand. You need to have precision when doing this.

In other words, you need to have a good estimate in order to avoid the dangers of playing too weak a hand to survive a short stack or playing too small a hand for too much money!

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Good luck!