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Some of the pressing questions that keep tantalizing the minds of both cryptocurrency analysts and crypto aficionados are: “ Will we see a significant rise of Bitcoin till the end of 2018?”, “ Will its value hit an earth-shattering number and when will it happen?”.

Well, as a matter of fact, a growing number of crypto experts are very positive about the future of the most valuable electronic coin. With an upward trend observed in the performance of other cryptocurrencies over the past fortnight, investors willingly start regaining their faith in digital money.


Bitcoin: $100,000 In a Couple of Years


If we are to go by the predictions of Timothy Draper, Bitcoin will rocket to a massive $100,000 in value. The other day the renowned venture capitalist investor paid a visit to Bloomberg – this is where he shared his crypto reflections.  


As a matter of fact, back in 2014, Mr. Draper was the one who managed to put his finger on the future of Bitcoin, predicting that its value in 2017 would surge to $10,000. Amazingly, he turned out to be spot on, and thus deserves credit.


In the eyes of Mr. Draper, cryptocurrencies will tear off a bigger piece of the current fiat money market in the future. He also points out that at the time being, the market in question reaches 86 trillion dollars in a global scope. As a result of prompt calculations based on his forecasts, it happens to be that the Bitcoin price will cross an earth-shattering $100,000 price line.


Bitcoin: $40,000 By the End of 2018


Llew Claasen, an Executive Director of Bitcoin Foundation, claims that by the end of 2018,  the crypto community will witness the prowess of Bitcoin’s volatility in all its glory, as BTC value will jump to reach $40,000. In addition, Mr. Claasen stated that an overwhelming majority of crypto money (up to 90%) will bite the dust.


He further explains that loads of crypto inventions will not survive the test of time, as they are nothing bigger than fraudulent schemes. Such kinds of enterprises are so risky that those who run them can’t keep them under proper control.


As we’re winding up this Bitcoin prognosis update, we would say that for the present, analysts, experts, and crypto aficionados keep favoring Bitcoin based on their short-term and long-term forecasts. As it appears, they don’t really know what the future holds, but they know which technology holds the future.


We’ll also prefer to stay positive keeping our eyes peeled to the crypto charts in anticipation of a dramatic Bitcoin price recovery!


Currently, as of August 30, 1 BTC is trading at $6,947.17.


Stay with us to know more!


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