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14 Best Gambling Quotes of All Times

Not so many people are aware of this but do you know that the first gambling game was invented back in 700 B.C? According to numerous legends, back in the day, three men rolled dice to determine what share of the Universe each of them would own. The men in question were the three most powerful Gods – Zeus, who won himself heaven, Hades, who won himself hell, and Poseidon, whose gambling prize was the sea.



The 4 Best Adventure-Themed Online Slots

What can boost your mood more than a thrilling adventure? The most likely answer is “very few things”. So it’s no wonder that adventure-themed slot games keep blowing all other slots out of the water. And if you add a lot of fantastic bonuses to those unbeatable slots, you’ll get a sure-fire recipe of top-notch and unforgettable gambling entertainment.


Top 5 Traits of Professional Gamblers

Let’s face it, whether it’s a game of luck, such as a slot machine, roulette, or one that requires skill, like poker, baccarat or craps, only a few people have managed to successfully come up with a working strategy to win.

But what does it take to become one of the few players? What is needed to be not just a leisure gambler, but a great one? What does it take to thrive on playing your favourite game? If you are striving to become the cream of the crop of the gambling society, you are supposed to come up with sensible answers to those questions.


A Massive $61,520 big win on a slot game

One lucky player shares the artistry of winning big

Today WildTornado Casino is a bearer of great tidings! We won’t beat around the bush and splash it right away – on the fortunate evening of July 11, our new player, nicknamed TristanX5, scooped a whopping $61,520 on a $30 bet! It was Play’N Go’s Book of Dead that awarded him such an enviable prize!


5 BTC Slots Players are Dubbing ‘Hot’

The rapid growth of BTC slots is keeping the internet abuzz with anticipation for new games to become readily available. So when video slots do become accessible and can be played with the ever-growing popularity of BTC, one can imagine how gaming enthusiasts jump at the opportunity to play the latest arrivals. The best thing about the games submitted into our hot new catalog is amongst the most favored video slots games throughout the online gambling community, they are on fire! And with the continuous rise of BTC, as unpredictable as it is, it has become apparent to all it will continue climbing in value making BTC casino games as popular as the currency accepted.


Advice on how to win big in July 2018

It is quite safe to say that playing any kind of game, whether a slot or a table game, requires a great deal of luck. Interestingly, while some players prove to be really fortunate, often winning big sums of money, others consider themselves doomed to hardly ever grab some shallow prizes. Naturally, the question pops up: ‘What’s wrong with the latter?’ , ‘ Are they really meant to be deprived of real success in their lives?’


Top 5 Slots With The Best Bonus Games

As a mobile Casino, Wild Tornado Casino offers players the ability to play bonus games straight from their smartphones. The mobile platform is incredibly fast, convenient, and safe, some of the top reasons we are always going to recommend players to use it!

At Wild Tornado, we normally don’t discriminate against other platforms, which means that all your favorite slots can be played as you wish. You can use your PC or Laptop to quickly start playing casino games.


A Mind-blowing Blackjack Win at WildTornado

The best bus ride of his life. Meet Timothy who won €5K on his way to work!

Wild Tornado player wins €10,759 on a €300 Bet on NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack on July 6, 2018

Who said that bus rides always have to be boring? It sure wasn’t Timothy who got a lucky break on his way to work while playing NetEnt’s Classic Blackjack. Our friend, a retired plumber, shared with us how he won a mind-boggling €10,759 on a €300 bet whilst playing at Wild Tornado Casino.


Malta enacts new Malta Gaming Law to Simplify Operations

A new Malta Gaming Act, enacted by the Maltese government, took effect just recently on July 1, 2018. Among other things, the Act seeks to make the Malta gaming license safer and simpler for both the government of Malta and for casino operators alike. As of now, the new Malta Gaming Act applies to the online gambling industry only and will only apply to land-based casinos starting on 1 January 2019.


Best 5 Endrophina Slots

Are you a slots aficionado? It seems most casino goers are. In fact, video slots are the most preferred casino games for players who visit casinos – both at the land-based and online casinos – worldwide. It makes sense therefore that most of the slots developing companies focus mostly on developing slots above all other games.


The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Playing Slots Aa A Bitcoin Casino

The revolution in the world of online gambling provided a huge number of people around the world with a chance to pursue their passions. Online casinos have opened opportunities that, sadly, didn’t use to be available for millions of people. Another side of the coin, however, has also shown itself – the safety of players’ funds became a real issue, and players were in a dire need of a much greater security standard. And Bitcoin casino have proved to excellently tackle the issue in question.


Best Football Slot for the World Cup summer

Do you think all the thrill takes place in the football arenas only? No way! The great news is that WildTornado, knowing how a real good football slot game can inspire a football fan with the passion, thrill, and entertainment, is rushing to prompt you to score your own goals! We solemnly introduce the list of the best football-themed slots to catch in the 2018 World Cup summer.


How to Spend a Lottery Jackpot

The everyday person has probably dreamt once or twice about winning the lottery and has a ready-to-go list of items that they would get first.

Winning big in the lottery or at an online casino is exciting, but when the excitement dies down it is important to assess what the right thing to do with your money will be. We’ve taken a look at the biggest jackpot wins, what players have done with their winnings and what important aspects you need to remember should you strike it rich.


Surreal Future of Online Casinos

Over years the online casinos industry has been going from strength to strength and is not showing any signs of slowing down.  And as time passes, it is quite natural for online gambling platforms to change and develop. Predictions involve the day when people will have an absolutely different, surreal experience in online casinos, and this day is right around the corner!


A great poker success at WildTornado

“Is poker your cup of tea?”, “Does it earn you decent money constantly?” As far as our mega-skillful poker player, nicknamed Batman, is concerned, the answer to these two straightforward questions is “Sure thing”! And quite compelling proof of that is the bursting-at-the-seams sack of prizes he went away with from our online casino!