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The first casino in the world with a games voice search option

What amazing news we are about to share at WildTornado Casino!

From now on our website users can rely on their voice commands to instantly find their favourite games. Isn’t it just wonderful?


Bitcoin Forecast: 2018 and Beyond

With business tongues wagging about the current rise and fall of Bitcoin, it is a common question asked amongst traders; ‘What is predicted in the future years’ regarding Bitcoin which is a cryptocurrency used in trading. When these questions are asked, it’s best to look at when it all began and what is predicted for the future of both investors and the coin itself.


How to Take the Most Advantage of Bonuses

When a thought of playing a slot machine crosses a player’s mind, he or she expects nothing else, but hours of fun during which decent wins are landed. Not very surprising, isn’t it? Online Casino WildTornado understands it like one else does, and therefore is strongly committed to bestowing lavish gifts, intended to double the game thrill, as well as increase chances of winning on each entertainment-seeking gamer!


Molly’s Game: A True High-Roller Poker Story

The Elite in Hollywood and Billionaire Boys Club on Wall Street at Molly’s feet

When we hear the word “poker”, the first thing that crosses our minds is a mixture of mind-blowingly appealing images and multi-million grand hotels with first-rate amenities filled with sassy ladies, expensive champagne, and many other things associated with the good life. Of course, we can’t forget to mention the cream of the crop business tycoons, the royalty, A-list actors and singers, sports superstars, and renowned world poker champions in the list.


€20,077, Player Y’s second big win

What we absolutely adore at WildTornado is sharing the compelling stories of uncanny luck of our consistent players. We believe in them, while they believe in us. Consequently, this tandem proves to work wonders – the perpetual inspiring success of our loyal gamers in playing slot games.


€30,000 Lottery Gift, a chance for all players

When it comes to the aspirations of winning the lottery, an old and funny, yet very didactic, parable comes to mind. What we mean here is a story about a poor and very devout man who had spent 50 years most devotedly and ardently praying by asking God for a single thing to bestow on him. The man begged for a lottery win.


Which games make people rich

Here at WildTornado Casino, we offer a wide array of online casino games, including video slots, table games such as blackjack, baccarat, poker, roulette among many others. All these games are powered by industry-renowned software developers, which means that our players can rest assured that they are playing only top-quality games, with fair mechanisms, which have been optimized with all mobile devices.


The best online casino table games to play

There is a wide variety of table games at casinos, and each game has its idiosyncrasies and attractions. Today we are determined to walk you through the most played online table games. The list includes some of the more conventional titles that are proven sources of most vivid gambling entertainment.


The Best 2018 Football Slot

World Cup 2018 Mania

As the World Cup 2018 tournament kicks off in a few days, it was predictable that a series of football-themed slots would be released. Only on the WildTornado Casino blog that we cover four of the best football slots that have been in the past released in preparation for a major soccer tournament. Which football slots are bona fide world cup winners? Take a look at some of the slots below and make up your mind…


A Lucky Player Wins 12 BTC On Diamond Cats Slot

It’s always the dream for all slot players – both casual and experienced ones – to land a big win while playing slot machines. They unceasingly talk about luck, special stars alignment patterns, game strategies, self-suggestion, talismans, and a lot of other similar theories that, as they believe, might help them win big while playing slots.


Norse-Themed Slots – The Best In WildTornado Portfolio

Have you ever felt like there’s just not enough Viking in your life? At WildTornado, we often feel like. And whenever the urge to sport a gingerbread grows or wields a hefty ax and torch down several villages, we simply fire up reels of some of our Norse and Scando-themed video slot games instead. This is much better than causing maximum carnage and extreme mayhem in real life.


Cryptocurrencies in Online Casinos

It is evident that online casinos took a shine to the cryptocurrency market in 2017, and thus in 2018, its popularity continues to gain steam. As it stands, the currency in question has yet to evolve into the main method of payment. However, taking into account its rising nature in the foreseeable future, cryptocurrencies are very likely to come to the fore and make fiat money bite the dust.


Top 5 Progressive Jackpot Slots

All jackpots online casinos have presented many progressive jackpot slots, each offering a unique theme, bonus features, winning values and of course, various jackpot values. Of course, the value of the progressive jackpots makes a huge difference, but there are a few things to consider such as whether you can play free jackpot games online or for real money. The biggest progressive jackpots in the world, tend to provide much lower odds of winning since so many players are aiming to win the very same jackpots.


A Gigantic Landmark at WildTornado’s History

Our lovely players, today we are absolutely proud and delighted to share such great news! So take a deep breath to be able to absorb the following!

On May 18th WildTornado received the prestigious CERTIFICATE OF TRUST from AskGamblers, the leading online casino authority on the gambling scene.